Can you replace an xbox 360 headset with a cell headset?

My xbox headset broke, so if I’m going to replace it I might as well get one of higher quality. I was able to plug my xbox headset into my friend’s cell phone and have it work, which suggests to me it’s a standard 2.5mm plug and that the stuff on this page should work. But I don’t know - maybe Microsoft did something that would force an incompatability to make you buy their overpriced accessories.

Does anyone know for sure?

Edit: related question. I see that there are official xbox 360 bluetooth headsets. Would an ordinary cell bluetooth headset work?

Dunno about the first part, but yes, any bluetooth headset will work. You’ll need an adapter, and non-MS headsets won’t support the xBox volume/muting controls.

What sort of adapter?

A headset jack adapter. There’s one on that page I linked to, or you can just google “bluetooth headset jack adapter”. They’re about $40ish, I think.

Hell, as long as you’re replacing the headset, why not go whole-hog and get wireless 5.1 surround sound headphones with a microphone? The linked Turtle Beach models are available now; I understand that Tritton is making a version of their AX360 headphones in a wireless version soon, as well. The headphones are invaluable for gaming at night, so you don’t wake up the whole family. There’s a more inexpensive model out there that uses infrared to transmit the wireless audio, but IME that causes some issues with hissing.

I’ve considered that, but I’m not sure I want to sink that much money into Xbox-specifiic headphones especially since I already own higher quality ones.

At this point I’d rather get a decent conventional headset that could ideally double as a cell headset, but I’m not yet sure if they’re compatable.