Can You Snort a Goody's Headache Powder?

Well, I’m pretty sure you CAN, but should you? The people who take these swear by them. The rest of us normal folk take a Gelcap. Goody’s Powders taste like ass, but they seem to work super-fast. Would they work faster if you snorted them? Obviously it wouldn’t taste as bad. They’d probably eat your nostrils/septum/sinuses up with a quickness, too. But has anyone tried it?

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Well, your mucus membranes are an excellent medium for quick absorption. It’s probably not the best thing for that tissue though. Yuck - just the thought is gross. Have you tried sticking them in a glass of OJ or something?

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On to the OP - sure, you can snort just about whatever you want to. Physically. It’s not a good idea though. The sinuses are right next door to your brain, and yes, things inhaled like that do reach your brain faster. This is why people who do powder drugs snort them instead of ingesting them in another way. The only way to get something to your brain faster is to inject it or drop it in your eye. Yuck.
And you are right, it will irritate and eventually help reduce the sinus tissues.

As for your other question “Has anyone ever tried it?” …LOL, well I saw some idiots in one state mashing up No-Doz and snorting them. :rolleyes:

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Thanks for the input, guys. Back in the old days (heh - I’m 25) we used to crush and snort pain pills, mainly Lortab and Percocet, because you got to the “Yeow!” quicker. But someone once talked me into opening a Prozac capsule and snorting it, and it was approximately the same as snorting Clorox. I really thought that death was imminent. Another time we tried Thorazine, which I also would not recommend. A friend was doing her nursing clinicals at a mental hospital and proved to be a good source of these types of substances.

I just wondered if anyone else had been brave enought to sniffing the Goody’s. I might if I had a migraine and was getting desperate, but after the Prozac fiasco you’d be hard pressed to get me to put anything in my nose.

Careful with that axe, Eugene.

Jane have you ever thought of going into rehab? You seem to know far too much about things you can or cannot snort. Goodys is aspirin, which is somewhat caustic, which is why they came up with ‘buffered aspirin’. Buffered aspirin actually contains a bit of baking soda in it to counteract the acidity which might give you heartburn.

Hmm, a nursing student friend stealing narcotics. Since those things are counted each shift, the only way she could really do that is to withhold the drug from the patient needing it, which isn’t very nice for the patient.

What? Me worry?’

Snorting painkillers…yikes!
I think Ill stick to the old fashioned way and swallow them and lie down.
Jane_says, do you REALLY think it’s wise to crush and snort all these different drugs?

No, folks, I DO NOT think it’s wise. Re-read the OP (sinus/nose etc. problems). It just occured to me the other day that they might work faster this way. I assumed (yeah, I already know) that someone else might have wondered the same, and perhaps even tried it.

As for the aforementioned friend, well, all I can say is that we were both young and stupid. I know better but I’ve also done worse. We all do things we regret and would not repeat. My friend is now an RN in the ER of our local hospital.

As for the rehab, we all grow up and change. In college I ended up majoring in Social Work. I wanted to be (and still plan to become) a drug abuse counselor. I need a little over one semster’s worth of credits. When my kids start school, I will finish.

Geez, folks. It was a random musing. I just wondered if anyone else had ever had occasion to try it. Didn’t mean to call out the DARE officers or anything :slight_smile:

Careful with that axe, Eugene.

I’ve snorted various things… I consider it to be a viable way to take a medication, just like a pill, injection, and suppository. Obviously not all medications can be taken in all of the above ways, and I’m not sure wabout the headache powder.

To those who say that it’s not a good idea, I say sure, snorting something daily is bad. Snorting something on rare occassion for a purpose isn’t. I mean getting a shot isn’t considered bad but obviously you wouldn’t want to go around poking holes in yourself all the time.

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