Can you tango?

Okay so I’m really interested in learning how to tango. I’m sure there are different versions and more advanced ways to do blah blah blah. Basically here is my thing…I took a ball room class growing up (finishing school) I’m not HORRIBLE but i’m not great. How much instruction does this require to look as good as I’ve seen it done. I’m so curious. Should I take lessons or could I learn pretty easily at a club. Basically, I wanna tango. Let me know, dancers!

Argentinian or Ballroom?

Ballroom is a little ‘boxier’ and easier to learn. The footwork is less complicated, and if you have experience dancing, you’ll probably be able to pick it up fairly easily. (Think “Scent of a Woman”.)

Argentinian Tango is hard. Lots of tight twirling and kicking through your partner’s legs. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re going to injure someone. I’d say it’s about as difficult as doing a fast Lindy Hop. I highly recommend classes.