Can you tell a programmer from a serial killer?

Well a programming language inventor really but how many of us work with one?

Take the test I got 8/10.

I also got 8/10. I got the first two wrong.

I got a 7/10. There was one person for whom I said Programmer because he looked too much like a murderer and it seemed too obvious. The reverse also happened once.

Not a bad score, I guess.

I did 9/10, but that’s only because I recognized the guys in 8 of the photos, and made a lucky guess on the other.

That was fun. When do I get my official FBI badge and decoder ring?


I knew a couple of them by their photos, but most of them were purely guesses. The crazier they look, the more likely they are to be programmers. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a lousy 6/10, but then I thought they all looked like serial killers.

4/10. The only one I recognized was David Berkowitz.

9/10. I watch too much A&E.

5 out of 10. According to the test results, I didn’t do too badly, but it might be best if I avoided careers in law enforcement and IT recruiting.

9/10. Only recognized 1 killer from photo, so I credit my innate paranoia.

9/10. Just missed the first one.

7/10. I work in an ER. :wink:


6/10. Purely guesswork.

9/10 The one I got wrong was a programmer which is weird because if he was any good he could have been a parallel killer.

7/10. I’m a total nerd and I knew every programmer’s work, if not their names, but I’m used to reading papers, not looking at photos. I did recognize the Son of Sam, and the guy who looked like Jerry Garcia (and rms) was a dead giveaway as a coder.

“Dammit, Jim, I’m a hacker, not a facial recognition expert!”

Indeed. Inventing a programming language is not hard. (Inventing a programming language anyone else uses is more difficult, but if you are the first to serve a specific domain or attach the language to a popular tool you have a guaranteed user base.)

7/10- Son of Sam pic way too well known.

10 of 10. Didn’t recognize any of the photos.


8/10. I got the 2 Russian killers wrong. David Berkowitz was the only photo I recognized.

7/10, and I recognised none of the photos and only one of the names. But one of those questions wasn’t quite fair. :smiley: 3, I think it was.

8/10, missed the first two. Recognised Christie and Berkowitz.