Can You Tell If Breasts/Pecs Are Real By Feeling Them?

I was watching a rerun of Seinfeld and Jerry and Elaine can’t figure out if the girl Jerry’s dating has had implants or not. Elaine has even felt them and goes from thinking they are fake to not.

Then I saw another blog thread on Jesse Metcalfe who supposedly has pec implants.

Outside of bad plastic surgery, where you can tell if a man or woman has had work, of if you have seen them before / after, can you tell breast or pec implants by feeling them?

By the way at least on Seinfeld the breast were real and SPECTACULAR :slight_smile:

In my experience, yes, they feel different. You can feel the skin and under that is a different layer of silicon. From what I remember, it feels like a breast, just sort of in two different layers that don’t move together properly. But I can’t say for sure, maybe the fake ones I’ve felt were badly done.

Clearly a great deal of research is in order here.

Do breast implants feel different to touch to a man?

I have been lucky to touch many breasts in my lifetime. I’ve found that you can tell real from fake just by touch.

I’ve never felt a fake one so I can’t contribute there, but I didn’t see that episode of Seinfeld and I am *dying *to know why Elaine was feeling another woman’s breasts.

True in my experience (though I doubt I’ve been quite as lucky as you).

I’m hearing rumors that the state of the art in breast implants are indistinguishable by touch from totally natural. I’ve not been so lucky to be invited by a possessor of such implants to find out for myself, and considering the sad state of my dating life recently, I doubt I’ll ever get the opportunity. :frowning:



I didn’t see that episode either, but ISTR someone summarizing it for me, and I think Elaine was feeling the other woman’s breasts at Jerry’s request, since Jerry is a shallow asshole who didn’t want anything to do with the other woman (played, IIRC, by Terri Hatcher) if her breasts were manmades.

Someone who’s actually seen the episode feel free to correct me here.



I have yet to find any fake ones that feel like the real thing but I have been out of the market for almost 15 years. It is very rare to find any that don’t look fake without clothes. Usually fake ones look great in clothing but not so great naked.

As for the episode, Elaine had access to the breasts since they went to the same gym. There was one movie where Terri Hatcher was topless. They are real. And much less than spectacular.

Elaine and Sidra (Hatcher) met in a sauna. Elain moved toward Sidra to shake hands, tripped and fell forward. In doing so she reached out to stop her fall and her hands landed on the closest available objects. While accidental, Sidra didn’t think so, etc.

Re real vs not real even with state of the art implants it’s usually failry obvious what’s real & what’s not if you can actually see skin as the chest skin over most implants has an obvious “stretched” or taut look that’s not at all natural.

I was doing ECGs for a while in a screening center for folks looking to sign on to medical and pharmaceutical trials. So that was a whole lot of naked chests that I got a close look at, and had to touch in order to properly place the ECG leads.

The fakes were obvious, although some were much more obvious than others because of how they were placed, how they were shaped, or how incongruous they were with the rest of the body. When a woman lies down and the boobs stay sticking straight up in the air and don’t sag at all to the sides, it’s a first clue that something’s not natural. Very tight skin, perfect symmetry, and small scars either under the breasts, near the armpits, or around the nipple are also clues. They also feel “tight” like they’re inflated or filled with something. When you poke a real breast, it squishes a little. when you poke an implant, it squishes but feels more like it’s resisting your pressure and it sort of pushes back. There’s also something hard to describe… it’s like the margin around the breast is too clear. There’s no smooth transition to breast tissue to just plain chest - the boobs seem a little disconnected to the body.

I have nothing against implants. I think a lot of them look fairly good, and I can understand the reasons behind deciding to get them. But yeah, you can tell.