Male hetero and lesbian Dopers - Do implants feel like real breasts to you?

Never dated a girl that had them. Just curious.

If they don’t feel that “real”, how are they different or does it vary from breast job to breast job? Can you always tell a set of implants if you are close up?

You know there aren’t too many male lesbian people out there to respond to this, right? Okay, I just couldn’t resist.

Anyhow it depends on the kind of implant. The older silicone implants from DOW were pretty nice in texture and tended to move fairly realistically if they were reasonable in size. Those monter porn tits just are not going to loo/feel right no matter what you use to make them.

As for the newer saline implants, hard as a friggin rock. No sir, I don’t like them. Id rather fondle granny teats than juggle hard saline implants.

Having run into them a few times I’d have to say no. They change the physics of the situation, if you get my drift. It just doesn’t look right.

For me, if the implants only added up to a cup size, it can be pretty tough to tell. Anything larger though, and there is a difference, not only in the feel but as JC said, the look. When a girl with DD’s is on her back and they don’t move, just stay pointed straight up at the ceiling, it ain’t right. But you’ll never hear me complain.

I love boobies.

I’ve only felt raw implants in my hand (I worked in a hospital and had to destroy a box full of older ones.) I can’t tell you how an implanted one feels.

But they sure as hell don’t LOOK real.