Can you texturize a harry's razor handle?

Apologies if this is in the wrong spot, but here goes:

Just tried some product from Harry’s and like the blades but the handle keeps slipping–so far no unfortunate incidents.

No alternatives forthcoming from Harry’s yet.

Does anyone else have this experience and tried or discovered some kind of workaround/fix/solution?

(I’m starting to look at my roll of duct tape)

Thanks for looking.

You could try wrapping it in rubber bands, or dipping it into PlastiDip if you wanted something a bit more professional-looking.

Friction tape.

Rocketeer and Gary T, thanks for the help. I tried spraying the handle with Plastidip (four light coats a half hour apart) let dry for an hour, went in to shave and PRESTO! No slippage! Looks a little better too.

Which handle did you get the Truman or the Winston?

I love Harry’s, and I agree that the handles need some texture. I use friction tape myself. It got scary there for a bit because I shave my entire head, and a slipping grip can be…bloody.

Who, me? um, Iooks around Truman.

I asked because I have a Harry’s Razor. I got the Winston and personally don’t find it slippery.

I like the heft and balance of the Truman, not so much the slickness.My natural clumsiness and parsimony led me to look for a solution here, which the Plastidip suggestion provided,

Thanks again for the help!