Can you touch your elbows behind your back?

While reading a thread in GQ about nails and clothing removal, I got thinking about this age-old question. While it’s often asked in conjuction with certain puerile interests at heart, I got to wondering whether it’s possible at all. If so, who can do it?

And, if you can, let’s see some pics :stuck_out_tongue:

deleted double

What is with your obsession with elbows touching stuff?


Oh, and your other thread had a lot more effort.

Triple post! (I was asked for clarification about my sarcastic remark)

With pleasure, I would like to present to you: God damnit, I cant lick my fucking elbow!

If I clasp my hands together first, yes. Without even sticking my chest out much. :smiley:

I used to be quite flexible, but I don’t think I could ever do that. I once could touch the sole of my foot to the top of my head, but my poor old knees put the kibosh on that.

Well,…owwww!..I can’t.

Just to be clear, you’re talking about touching the elbows to each other behind the back, right? Because I’m a pretty flexible fella, and I can’t get my elbows within four inches of each other back there.

Why would I want to?

I’m pretty flexible and they don’t even come close to touching.

Frakking elbows, can’t lick them or touch them together…

It’s not good, but I swear it’s me, taken on my phone-cam earlier tonight.


I’m guessing that isn’t the picture he was looking for.

Good lord, woman! That’s incredible! What other super powers do you have?

I can bend over backwards and I can pop my right shoulder in and out of the socket if I stretch my arms over my head. It’s freaky looking.

Autolycus you &%^$#.

I tried and it sounded like someone stomped on a walnut. And now my lats are cramping.


Not only can I not touch my elbows to each other, but I can’t touch my elbow with the opposite hand. A brand new way to realize how fat and unlimber I am. Woot! :mad:

I can do it too. No pics until I get batteries.

Hey, Autolycus, how 'bout I come over and touch ***your ***elbows behind your back? :dubious:

Only if we take turns.

It’s a bondage thing. Specifically, ropes or a zip/lace-up sheath binding hands up to elbows.