Ladies! Show us your left elbows!

I didn’t think it was fair for Fear Itself to get a poll about his favorite erogenous zone while leaving others out. The left elbow is, IMO, the ultimate evidence of God’s love for mankind. So, ladies, tell me all about yours! I’ll be over here, reading about your elbows with awe and reverence and absolutely not masturbating like a motherfuck.

Ooh, I like to watch videos of two women elbow-boxing with each other! Drool!

And the great thing about the information age is that such videos are available! Easily available! Whee!

I would never marry a girl who didn’t have cute elbows…

I can’t see it. :frowning:

Maybe they should open a bar for people with elbow fetishes. Call it The Elbow Joint.

Funny as hell.

I don’t think I like the implication that freckles are blemishes.

Good point. I had real problems coming up with good antonyms for ‘freckled’ and ‘arthritic’. But I assure you that I don’t consider freckles a negative feature on a left elbow.

Well, that downright leftist tard-thinking of OP to obsess on some left-elbow fetish of his! Those of us with right-thinking right elbows can see right through that. It’s time we cut the pervish discrimination and give right elbows equal time and consideration. So there!

ETA: At least Fear Itself was symmetrical-thinking, not discriminating left boob from right!

Have you ever noticed (stop that now! you’re supposed to be listening…) that no matter how much plastic surgery a woman gets, she cannot mask her elbows. Because the older she gets, the pointyer THEY get. While the inside of the elbow becomes dimpled. It’s like God’s proclaiming—Run! This woman is at least 45!
I think it’s a good indicator of how “long in the tooth” she is. Since you can’t tell by her teeth, which have probably been fixed.

Good Lord, I hope not. I’m pretty sure my 6 year old’s elbows are already as pointy as it’s possible to be. At least, my ribs tell me so. Oof!

No love for right elbows? It’s my better side. :slight_smile:

Perv. :dubious:

Uhh, so I just checked, and it’s scraped up not quite badly, but enough so that you’d think I’d have noticed before now. There are some scratches and a line of tiny scabs that appear to be where another scratch once existed. WTF happened?!

Elbow lice.

Don’t say things like that! It looks like a fell down or got into a fight with a mean-spirited kitten or something.

I’d rather be know for having Elbow Lice than fighting with kittens, mean spirited or not.

Winter has arrived which means your poll is missing the dry and scaley option :frowning:

tea he!

if you’re bored, do a search on YouTube for “elbow sex” and/or “elbow fetish”

Was thinking of Riff Raff and Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show, personally. :slight_smile: