Can you use egg whites in a whipped cream dispenser?

Lazy lazy lazy. I love making whipped cream. It’s not difficult or all that time consuming, but lazy lazy lazy. So we have a whipped cream gadget. Cream, flavours, touch of sugar goes in—seconds later whipped cream comes out.

Speaking of whipped cream and other delights, I also love to make meringues, whether for pie toppings or meringue cookies. Again, it’s a wonderful process and neither difficult nor time consuming. But lazy lazy lazy.

Before I ruin a few perfectly happy egg whites (and possibly the dispenser), I thought to ask here—if I put in a few, shake the hell out of it to break up some of the protein strands, add a bit of cream of tartar, can I get insta-meringue?

Yup, works fine. Pretty common thing to do in the cooking nerd world.

People also do all sorts of stuff in them. You can make flavored egg-white-based foams by adding sugar and flavoring. Microwave chocolate cake has been on my to-do list forever, right after “buy a whipped cream dispenser.” These little appetizers also look good.

Day; made.