Can you walk around nekkid in your house?

Apparently not in the U.S. A man was convicted of brewing coffee while naked in his house. :rolleyes: It’s interesting that the concerned citizen managed to get not one, but two peeks at this guy. I’ve occasionally seen movement in my neighbors windows and immediately look another way. I think most people react the same way. No one wants to violate another neighbor’s privacy. Not this lady. She made sure that her and her kid got the whole show.,2933,580563,00.html?test=latestnews

I grew up in a household with heavy, lined drapes. Not one crack of daylight dared enter my mom’s rooms. I can state that it’s a very oppressive way to live.

This guy will probably be required to register as a sex offender. He’s going to be treated just like the sickos that hang out in malls with raincoats.

I have heard of guys deliberately exposing themselves in the windows of their home and whacking off. I don’t think that’s the situation here. This guy was getting ready for work and making coffee.

Did the neighbor have to stand on the back of the toilet tank and peer out a narrow window in order to see the disgusting behaviour over and over and over?

Well, I can.

Not that I do, much.

Well, I was always taught that there is a difference between “naked” (without clothing) and “nekkid” (without clothing with bad intent).

I don’t even wanna know about the coffee maker.

La! La! La! I can’t hear you!

Not only can we walk around our house naked, we can walk around outside naked. (and frequently do if you include walking out to the hot tub). No neighbors within eye shot.

Not according to the court. The judge found that he was purposely displaying himself, according to the article you linked to anyways.

Three cheers for freedom!

Not according to your article - he was given a suspended sentence (which he’s appealing) and no fine. That sounds like the judge said “I think what you did was wrong and I could punish you but you’re just getting a warning. Don’t do it again.”

A man sees a woman naked and he’s a peeping Tom. A woman sees a man naked and he’s an exihibitionist. It’s a double standard. If the sexes were reversed there is no way a woman would be prosecuted in these circumstances (but the man who spied on her would). :mad:

I don’t actually know about this case - yeah, I would appreciate all my neighbours having drapes on their windows and not standing there with all their old, wrinkly nakedness hanging out, but I don’t think I have the right to tell them what to wear (or not wear) in their own homes. I live on a fairly busy street now, not too far from a school, and I have school kids walking past my house every day. I can see being expected to not put on a naked show for the kids every morning, but on the other hand, it’s just a naked body. Unless he was standing there masturbating, I think mom and Junior need to get a little perspective.

If there is a ship far out on the lake, the lake is calm, and the ship has a very large telescope trained on the shore and my house, yes, they might see me walking around naked or nearly so.

If they enjoy it, I might sell tickets.

My partner lives next door to me. We’ve seen each other naked thousands of times. :slight_smile:

Yeah but it’s a good one. Everyone knows just looking at the nude female form reduces men’s stress levels and makes him feel at peace. Every neighborhood could use a heroic woman. Even women like other nude women. Just look at advertising.

A naked man though? Ugh. That could cause PTSD and years of needed psychotherapy.

Not for long!
It’s Minnesota, in the winter, in a 100-year-old house, with original windows and poor insulation.

When I first heard about this story, I was told that she was trespassing as well, which to me makes it even worse if it’s true. Anecdotal, no cite.

What if you accidentally forget to close a curtain? What if you have a bent slat in your venetian blind and someone presses their eye up against it? What if you have a nice, fenced in yard with lots of trees as boundaries and like to get full body tans and someone hops your fence?

I don’t know how they decided he was doing it on purpose, but to me it’s a slippery slope thing. And if he was doing it on purpose, was he being a pervert and getting kicks out of being looked at or was he just trying to piss off some busybody staring at him by wagging it at her?

I am naked at this very moment, so sue me.

You know, I’ve never really gotten this. It’s one thing if a guy is displaying his willy to teenyboppers, trying to get some sort of reaction from them. However, in that case, the problem is not the sudden appearance of penis, but the fact that some man is trying to involve underage kids in a sexual situation. I don’t think that the penis is the most attractive body part on most men, but it’s not so ugly as to cause nightmares, either. In some situations, a visible penis is a very welcome sight indeed. Most people just don’t want or expect to see a stranger’s penis in ordinary day-to-day living, with the exception of those folks who are in the medical field, who might not really WANT to see a stranger’s penis, but need to do so in order to treat their patients.

If a passing stranger has to be in someone’s yard to see that someone’s nudity, then I’d say that the nudity is not the problem.

I have seen an old man’s junk. I wasn’t scarred by it, nor do I feel the need to push the image out of my mind.

female here, and i have seen male and female bodies nude that were not people I was going to be intimate with [nude beach] and I have accidentally seen nude bodies in various situations [including a lot of butt flashes in hospital, they really need to redesign hospital jonnies] and I really don’t care. I can ignore pretty much anything in the pursuit of polite behavior. As I generally put it when someone apologizes for accidentally flashing me ‘I have seen both type A and type B humans nude before, so it isn’t something I have never seen before.’

Now if someone were a hermaphrodite, or multipenised, that would be interesting to me as I have never seen either up close, and I would probably have questions for them.

As usual, The Onion sums up the issue. I’ve broken the link, as there are some NSFW pictures in the article that are probably designed to create the same feeling of unease.

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Seriously, it’s ridiculous to get upset when people are naked in their own homes and not trying to make you look at them.