Canada and Denmark may have settled a long-running border dispute

Hans Island between Canada and Greenland:

In 2004, the Wall Street Journal quoted Peter Taksoe-Jensen, legal adviser to the Danish foreign minister about how both countries maintained a sense of humour throughout the dispute: “When Danish military go there, they leave a bottle of schnapps. And when [Canadian] military forces come there, they leave a bottle of Canadian Club [whisky] and a sign saying, ‘Welcome to Canada.’ ”

I can see the argument now:
“It’s okay, you can have it.”
“No, that’s alright, you can.”
“No, no, you take it”
“Please, have a drink on us”…

I heard about this. I cannot speak for you but I will sleep a little more soundly. But surely the best Canadian drink to leave was ice wine?

Caesars!! Nothing but a pitcher of Caesars, a brace of glasses, and a bottle of Montreal Steak Seasoning shall suffice!!!

I think Clamato is against the Geneva Convention.

@Spiny_Norman noted elsewhere, ‘Making Canada the only North American country with a land border to the EU.’

No, Greenland isn’t a member of the EU. They voted to stay out when Denmark joined.

I had a feeling that that might be so.

Wait, we were leaving Canadian Club? Now I understand why Denmark was being so feisty about this. We could have at least left Crown Royal!

Didn’t someone once hide dozens of bottles of Canadian Club in obscure places around the world for adventurers to find as part of some ancient advertising campaign? You want it, sure, but badly enough to visit the icy coasts?

Not all of them have been found.

Goddammit, that’s going to put a crimp in my plans assuming we’d be joining the Schengen Area.

The idea was to de-escalate, not spark a war!

We do have a maritime boundary with the EU: St Pierre and Miquelon. Green Island, Newfoundland & Labrador is only 6 miles from St Pierre.

St Pierre & Miquelon have the same status as Greenland as far as the EU goes, so they aren’t part of it either. Incidently, they also share the same time zone as Greenland, which means they’re a half hour ahead of Newfieland, even though they’re actually to the west.

I’ve been looking over items about SP-M, and I’m not sure whether it’s part of the EU customs zone. It elects a member to the French parliament, uses the euro, uses French license plates, cellphone frequencies, etc, but beyond that, I’m not sure.

Of course they’re a half hour ahead of Newfoundland. Everywhere is exactly a half hour ahead of Newfoundland. At least, that’s what the CBC has taught me. “Tonight at 9, 9:30 in Newfoundland.” Newfoundland is a half hour behind whether you’re in Truro, Sudbury, Medicine Hat, or Nanaimo.

According to this wiki-page, they are not.

TIL there was a Truro in Canada and not just Cornwall. Why would someone voluntarily name a community after another one that is so hard to pronounce?

If you find the English pronunciation of Truro difficult, just say it in Cornish: Truru (True rue). This is also a pretty common spelling / pronunciation in English, though no longer standard.