Canada same-sex marriage vote TODAY!

Since the government invoked closure last night, Bill C-38 will be voted on today at third reading. Supporters are about 25 up over opponents so the bill is expected to pass.

It will then go through the Senate, after which it will be signed into law by the Governor General.

According to the projected order of business, the vote should come up sometime between 1 and 2 PM Eastern. You can tune into CPAC, Canada’s parliamentary channel, to watch this momentous occasion.

Hey cool, I thought your government was too busy imploding to have this come to a vote.

It got un-imploded. :slight_smile:

Cool, well I’ll find out on the news tonight as I’ll be working at that time. crosses fingers

I listen to a Canadian station on my commute to work, and I heard them mentioning that somone at some point passed a resolution or whatever to limit talks on this Bill to eight hours or more. :confused: I’m assuming the DJ just mis-spoke, and meant eight hours or less, right? I mean…did a senator/representative/whoever (i admit my knowledge of Canadian government is limited) really force them to talk for at least eight hours on this thing?

I have my fingers crossed and am watching with much interest, Matt!

Yeah, no matter what the Liberals do, they’ll still be more appealing than the Conservatives in the end. Goes like this:

Liberals: scandal scandal abuse power
Canadians: Screw you guys! We’re voting Conservative!
Stephen Harper: rant slobber
Canadians: Eeeek! Run away!

I am waiting excitedly.

The Liberals invoked closure, which means that they’ve forced an end to debate and are bring the bill up to be voted on. I’d assume that the DJ misspoke, unless he was referring to the Conservatives’ attempts to fillibuster the bill in the past few weeks.

It was fun to watch the Conservatives twist in the wind yesterday. Something’s twisted, anyway.

Riiight. BQ support invalidates it. It’s not like it has support from everyone except the Raving Bloody Loony Party, or anything. :smiley:

Riiiight. Because getting on with the business of passing popular legislation that you know will pass is “shutting down” parliament. The true purpose of a parliamentarian is to drone on and on and on and on without letting anyone else get a word in edgeways, until you start to froth at the mouth and fall over backwards. That’s why they get up every morning – to forestall the inevitable march toward a civil and just society, through simple long-windedness. The nation depends on it.

Anyway: Woot!

Yeah, I saw what Stephen Harper said about the Bloc votes… is he nuts? (That’s a rhetorical question, by the way)

I hope that man continues leading the Conservatives for a long, long time.

That man sure knows how to put his foot in his mouth. BQ are a recognized party with elected officials that happen to support equal rights. This is not a separatist issue and he knows it.

One of the headlines on Yahoo Canada right now is “Harper to tour country to dispel negative image”. I can only assume he plans to use hypnosis.

Little nitpick: the Crown’s representative doesn’t sign bills - that’s what the Prez does in the U.S.

At the end of the session, the GovGen goes to the Parliament house, since she is about to exercise her legislative function as part of the Parliament. She sits on the throne in the Senate, and the titles of the bills that have passed both houses are read to her. As each one is read, she’s asked if she gives royal assent. (They used to use the traditional Norman French question: “La Reyne le veult?” [“The Queen so wishes?”] - don’t know if they still do that.) She nods. That’s it. Bill now is an Act of Parliament. No pen required.

I hope he doesn’t - our country desperately needs at least two valid national parties capable of forming a sustainable government as checks and balances on each other.

It sure does, and I support that even though I know any other big national party will likely be rather far to the right of my own political beliefs. I don’t want the current Conservative party to be that party, though. Maybe the Liberals could split into the Not-Quite-As-Liberals and the Somewhat-More-Liberals, and Stephen could lead the Conservatives as a minor fringe party. :smiley:
Disclaimer: elfbabe is not actually Canadian yet. But she is moving to Ottawa in a month and a half and has an actual Canadian boyfriend who generally has similar opinions, if that helps.

Former Progessive Conservatives.


Already there.

Make sure you spend some time out West and/or around Westerners if you want a more balanced view of Canadian politics. We don’t all think the sun shines out of a Liberal PM’s ass.

How’d the vote go, anyway?

You don’t have to go out West to find people who dislike the Liberals. I live in Mississauga.

They’re still debating. Live on CPAC, if you’re into that whole sadomasochistic thing.

ACK! It’s Stockwell “Doris” Day! Run away!

How are they still debating if cloture has been invoked? Or does cloture mean something different in Canada?

Ha, hands up everyone who voted to force him to change his name!

The motion passed last night allowed a further 8 (?) hours of debate. Vote’s been called now, though. Showtime in 11 minutes.