Canada's Next Top Model - Tricia Helfer!

I actually hate these shows, but my roommate lives for them. So, I have no choice. Tonight we watched Canada’s Next Top Model and the host is Tricia Helfer. Yah! I get some Tricia Helfer action while waiting for the next season of Battlestar Galactica to start.

Man, she’s rough. She berated this one contestant for walking around the set topless. She said it’s “disrespectful for her and unprofessional.”

There was another model who she also said was unprofessional for wearing too-casual clothing, having a cavalier attitude, and seeming bored.

Wow, you Canadians are pretty strict!

Anyone watching?

Don’t let the veneer of politeness fool you.
And sit up straight.

I am watching it - I am such a sucker for these shows!

It was nice to see that the judges don’t put up with attitude. On ANTP I was always getting ticked at some of the “Diva” attitude.

It is refreshing they demand a more professional demeanor and “drop the 'tood” attitude.

All I can say is: Go Ylenia! I know she seems kinda wallflower-y on the show, but she’s one of the sweetest people I know, and far far more beautiful in real life than on the show.

Also, this show is kind of sad. It looks so low budget, and most of the girls look far worse after hair and make-up, and Tricia who??? C’mon, couldn’t we do better?

What, what, what??? What, they don’t show the new Battlestar Galactica in the communist country you live in?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have it on good authority (authority being my roommate who is into this stuff) that Tricia Helfer is the next Tyra Banks.

Whatever that means.

I’m assuming that Linda Evangalista was busy. :wink:

Canada’s Next Top Model is the one show that a certain girl I like watches religiously. Ordinarily, I eschew reality programming, but I’ve been watching this with her and am surprised by what a good time I’ve been having with it.

It seemed to me that Sylvie (the girl who was eliminated in the opener) was into the wrong drug for modelling.

As far as the remaining contenders go, at first I was rooting for Andrea, 'cuz she has a certain sort of awkward beauty that usually gets my motor running, but jeeesus is she ever a snivelling little whinger. Yeeesh.

So I guess I’m behind Sisi. Local girl, ridiculously hot, reasonably together.

Oh, crap, I’m watching reality TV and posting about it online. :o

I was thinking Shalom Harlow, actually.