Canadian Air Traffic Controllers are ordering pizza for US ATC

Apparently it started with the Edmonton Air Traffic Controllers - they chipped in for pizzas to be delivered to their counterparts in Alaska ATC, just as a goodwill / “thinking of you guys” gesture. Now it sounds like over 70 of the Canadian ATC units have sent pizzas to their counterparts in the US, most recently Moncton and Gander ATC sending pizza to a NY ATC unit.

Buying someone lunch when they’re not getting paid is a nice gesture, but I really feel sorry for those US ATC guys keeping the skies safe, and the other federal employees forced to work without pay.

All I can say is “Thanks, Canada!” for supporting our workers when our own government won’t.

Once again, Canadians demonstrate they’re the best neighbors anyone could have, and better than we deserve.

Pineapple pizzas?

No, I think that’s the President of Iceland who’s got his hands full of pineapple.

What an uplifting thing to read. Thank you, Canadians. I hope we may rectify our inexcusably bad behaviors toward you soon.

Would they really care? It’s a free lunch provided to them by colleagues. Heck, if somebody bought me lunch at no cost to me (especially if times were tight), I’d be happy to eat it.

Before reading this I shared this story to Facebook. I don’t share many stories, but liked this one.

Canadians are awesome.