Oh sweet lord, my room mate owes me a pizza. (Air Force)

So, we’ve got some higher-ups visiting our squadron, a training squadron at a tech school, this week. Leading up to this, the sergeants have been encouraging us to get everything squared away and looking perfect for when they show these higher ups around the dorms. We find out today that the two dorms down the hill, the ones primarily for people more recently out of Basic, were getting walked through by our squadron’s higher-ups, but hear nothing about it happening at our dorms up the hill. Foolishly, we assume this means we’re not getting inspected (yeah, in a perfect world, I won big at the CMA awards, and Michelle Branch is my loving wife, and I won the lottery again for the fifth time this year).

Anyhow, I’m relaxing in my dorm, having just gotten back from town a few minutes ago, and I hear a “knock with authority” on the dorm room next door. I jump out of my chair, run to my room mate’s side of the room, where he has stuff laying out, computer logged on, and locker door open, and just throw everything in the locker, shut and lock it, and close his computer. Just as I finish this, I hear a KNOCKKNOCKKNOCK on my door.

I open it to see our Flight Superintendent, the First Shirt, and the Operations Officer, standing in the hallway. Shirt asks if they can inspect my room, and I say “Of course, Ma’am.” They walk in, look around, tell me that my room looks great, and that I need to loan some of my duck tape to the guys across the hall so they can tape a network cord down. The Operations Officer compliments me on my BattleStar Galactica “Viper Squadron” t-shirt, and they leave.

When he gets home, my room mate owes me a pizza for saving his redneck careless ass, and I’m just gonna go have a heart attack now. :eek:

I’m going to have to tell this one to my brother, who just got out of the Air Force late last year.

Never, ever assume you won’t be inspected! But I think you’ve got that down by now.

Enjoy your pizza!

You’re too kind. That would have been a great opportunity to bring up something on his browser. Something involving sheep would work just fine.

I think so Brain, but where are we going to find a pair of Hal Briston’s pants at this hour?