"Canadian" as pejorative?

I have a work-related email from someone commenting on a priority list who said

I am trying to figure out just what he meant. In this context he seems to mean “simple-minded” but I have never heard this before.

I’m 55 but I’ve never heard this. Anybody ever hear of this word used in such a way?



Considering the good of the group as well as individual rights?

Does it involve a big bowl of pudding?

When I describe someone/something as Canadian, I mean overly polite.

The only pejorative sense I know of is assholes who use it for “code” for black people.

I have seen it used to mean “socialist” (more or less), when someone does something that does not put self-interest first.

If the OP’s writer is not Canadian and its intent was pejorative, that writer is an asshat. Canadians generally are good-natured, friendly people with a good sense of humor.

After seeing the movie Argo, I’ll say it again: Thank You, Canada.
ETA: I’ve never heard it used as a pejorative.

He’s not your buddy, guy.

How could you use Canadian as a pejorative? We’re pretty much the nicest people ever.

I thought the pejorative form was “Canyuck”? :confused:

Blame Canada.

Yeah, that’s the problem.

What are you hiding?

Yeah, ya damned icebacks, sneaking over the border and taking all our gardening and maid jobs.

I’m in Canada. I wonder what would happen if someone here described something as being somewhat “American.”

In Thailand, they have what they call “American share,” which the rest of us know as “Dutch treat.” How the saying got started, no one knows.

Some of the villagers in Kewaskum, Wisconsin refer to the part of the village east of the Milwaukee river as “little Canada” because they consider it ignored and neglected compared to the rest of the village.

Except for Scott, he’s a dick.



The German spelling is Kanada, and…in Auschwitz the area reserved for the victims’ goods and clothing to be sent back for German interests was called “Kanada.”

Shame. But worth knowing in this thread/context; I’m guessing land of plenty.

Well, as an American who has immigrated to Canada, I suspect they would mean loud and pushy.