Canadian Booty: Pros/Cons?

Hey there kids. Recently, I broke up with my bf of almost 6 years. Towards the end he engaged in all sorts of wretched behavior, such as: getting involved w/ on of my best friends (ex-best friends, FYI), saying that my problem was that I wasn’t “feminine enough” (oh, and he has a new GF who is the, pardon the term, butchest woman I have ever met - plays rugby, drives motorcycle, short, drab haircut, computer programmer). Needless to say I’m better off without the dolt, but it’s tough.

I’ve already cut my hair, thrown a big party, and of course, rallied all the mutual friends around my flag (not hard when he acts like such an ass). next week I’m going on vacation to Canada with a (female) friend, who herself has not had booty in quite some time. Now, that I’ve set the stage, what are y’alls opinions on hooking up with some canadian boys/transient skiers I will never see again? I have formerly not been the sort of person to do this kind of thing. Will this only end in tears? Will I feel cheap in the morning? Or will I emerge with a renewed sense of my own desireability?

And, uh, how exactly does one accomplish this plan?

People, share!

I have never been to Canada, but if I may extrapolate from my experiences in other countries:

It is very, very easy to accomplish such a plan. Staying in hostels helps; so does going to bars; staying in hostels with bars is the easiest way of all. (N.B. This is actually more likely to result in European or Australian booty, but if you’re looking specifically for Canadian boys, the hostel employees are horny too. Trust me.)

If you have a distinctly non-Canadian accent, make the most of it. People are attracted to accents from other regions. It’s nature’s way of mixing up the gene pool.

It will end in tears or regrets if you end up doing something you don’t really want to do – either because you’re a bit iffy about the whole concept, or because deep down, you want something more. Otherwise it probably won’t.

The other risk, of course, is that you could end up flat broke and madly in love with somebody who lives thousands of miles away … like I did … but then again, I can’t say I exactly regret the way things turned out. :slight_smile:

FP’s comments are all sound, but if, uh, quality booty is indeed your plan, you may want to try France as well. Among the artist crowd I used to run with, casual liaisons were the norm, and the Froggy boys mostly got rave reviews, despite sounding like utter dorks in any language but their own.

You do it the same damn way you do it in the states. Go out. Say that you want to get laid. You will.

If you’d feel bad about in America, you’ll feel bad about it in Canada.

I hope you get lucky.

I’d say your chances are right around 100%.

All I need is the time and place… :wink:

I just want to say, you guys are an inspiration!
:slight_smile: Watch out Alberta!

Damn…I thought that CanadianSue was involved in this sordid affair somehow … :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmm, Canadian boys. I had a Canadian BF for a while in college, & it was great. He shared my love of hockey, & he was cute & cuddly & funny. & he was the only guy I’ve ever known who liked sex as much as I do. Go for it, by all means!!! Canadians are YUMMY!!

I take it you’re going to Banff or Lake Louise? I go there regularly and you won’t have any trouble finding what you need. In fact, you’ll have your pick!!

BTW… I live in Alberta!

Hmmm… a couple of girls are coming from somewhere in the U.S. to Alberta (my home) to solicit sexual favours from the men here. What are the odds of them succeeding?

I must offer one warning, afterwards you might find yourselves spoiled for any other types of men.

Common Knowledge Warning!
I’ll be the old fogey and say it. “Condoms are your friend!”

Good luck!

BunnyGirl, a good Girl Scout (and an optimist) are always prepared. Its good of you to look out for me tho. God Bless Canada!

You know rmariamp, we Maritimers are renowned for our…er… skills at…uh… entertaining visitors.