Canadian Election Results

Interesting to see that it looks as though Justin Trudeau is going to win in his riding. One has to wonder how Stephan Dion will be feeling about that. It looks like this will be the all around bad evening for Dion that might have been predicted.

In my neck of the woods the fellows I was hoping would win in fact have won, taking a Liberal seat and also a Liberal/Conservative seat for the NDP. I sat on a focus group for one of them for a season, and work on a board with the other, so it’s really nice to see them do so well.

What the heck? There’s a seat in Edmonton where a Conservative isn’t leading!

Well, CBCs called it for a Conservative minority government.

Is it mine??? Curse my lack of cable TV! Lemme re-adjust my rabbit ears here…

Well, I’m glad it’s not going to be a majority for Harper but I’m still disappointed in the results. Hopefully the Liberals have learned something this time. Namely, elect a leader with leadership skills next time around! Bloody hell, what were they thinking? I’m sure Dion’s a smart guy but charismatic he ain’t.

Edmonton-Sherwood Park, where the lead’s been shifting back and forth between Conservative Tim Uppal and Independent James Ford. Currently Uppal winning by a bit over 200 votes - it’s been under 100 vote lead for either for the last while until just now.

Is he related to the former PM?

Yeah, he’s Pierre’s son. Not the political heavyweight his father was, though.

That, and either get proportional representation rolling or unite the left the way Harper united the right.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around Rick Mercer playing it straight.

Here in Montreal, the news channels are making a big deal him, basically setting him up to be more important than he currently is. A lot of people want him to be a political heavyweight. He is only 36 though (I think)… if he does well, who knows how far he’ll go?

That too.

My two cent comparison between father and son when both at 36:

Who are the three independents and from which ridings?

“Twitters?” “Twitters?” What the hell is all this talking and graphing of “Twitters?” That does it. I’m officially an old fart, and I’m turning off the TV and heading to bed.

[Grumble, grumble “Twitters?” grumble grumble]

Was that the part about not spreading the east-coast results until us in the west have voted? CBC radio was talking about that, saying that the hip, online kids were ‘daring’ the government to enforce such an ‘outdated’ piece of legislation.

That’s sticking it to the man! There’s no way that they would just, you know, not release any results at all next time until 7:30 PDT. :rolleyes:

Interesting. I really had never looked into it. By the way the local CTV News talks about Justin, he’s The Next Big Thing in Canadian Politics. As I said, people want him to be important, but wanting something doesn’t make it true.

Jean Chretien didn’t need the NDP’s help. Neither did Pierre Trudeau.

Sure, you say, but the right wasn’t united. But Chretien always got far more of the popular vote than this. And Trudeau won elections against a united right.

There’s a great blurb on one of the news sites; “May loses seat, supporters blame the NDP.” In effect, the Green Party is blaming the NDP’s existence for May losing a seat she was an idiot to even contest. So, the NDP has no right to run a candidate in Central Nova? They should just have thrown the towel in in an effort to punt the riding to the Green Party? Why? Are they precisely identical parties, with identical platforms? If not, then why would the NDP give up the riding, and if so, why did they even start the Green Party?

There’s no “uniting” to be done on the left. The Liberals are a centrist party, not a leftist one, who lost the election because they have a Peter Principle leader and came out with a platform based on a new tax at just about the worst time you could possibly roll out such a platform. The NDP and Green Parties have distinct platforms.

Interesting. I lost a longer post I’d been writing which agreed with at least part of what you said. In my view, Justin shares with Pierre a charisma that translates well to political life, but the kind of charisma that it is, is much different. Justin does not have a charisma that exudes either the intellect of his father, nor the certainty of rightness.