Canadian Food Menu

I was thinking today, while I was making Butter Tarts, that we really haven’t got a whole lot of Canadian Cuisine. So, I propose we make up a menu comprised of Canadian foods only.

I believe that for starters, we should have smoked Arctic Char with a low-bush cranberry relish. Perfectly NT/NU/YT fare.

Who wants to fill in the next course?

I loves me some Nanaimo Bars! And yes, I think that could be the next course after the starter. :slight_smile:


While I agree that Nanaimo Bars are teh yummay, I was thinking more along the lines of, say, a soup or meat dish.

Just let me have some Alberta beef, some PEI potatoes, and some nice fresh Ontario vegetables, and I’ll be happy.

Oh, nearly forgot … a nice BC wine too.

Prairy Oysters?
Coffee Crisp


And for dessert?

Tim Horton’s?

I’m going to hell for saying this, but seal meat is actually pretty tasty…

Don’t forget Canadian Bacon and Maple Syrup.

Apple pie (BC or Ontario apples) with a piece of extra-old cheddar cheese (from one of those small family-run cheese factories in Ontario).

Or ice cream–plain ol’ vanilla, but topped with Quebec or Ontario maple syrup.

And butter tarts, of course!

Don’t forget Canadian Bacon and Maple Syrup.

When I was in TO over the spring I bought a cook book called the Flavours of Canada. It has recipies by province.

Give me a course or a province or an ingredient and I’ll let you know what The Book says.

Saskatoon berry pie, just keep it away from the Royal Family… apparently the British health authorities have not been convinced that Saskatoon berries are fit for human consumption (google it yourself, I am not providing cites for the lazy)

I’ve heard that it goes well with Canadian Club.

You’re a dirty liar. BAD!

bagkitty: I heard that! I laughed my ass off. I routinely buy (never seem to make it home at the right time of year) saskatoon berries and can them to bring them home. I made a Saskatoon pie just a couple of weeks ago!

For breakfast, I will put forth Sunny Boy porridge (Red River cereal, but not quite the same). With milk and a bit of brown sugar. Golden brown, not dark brown. Washed down with Tetley tea, if you please.

My mother’s homemade huckleberry pie. Wild BC huckleberries, worth going into the woods and fightin’ the bears for. With the Tetley tea, yes (the only brand I drink).

Is apple pie with cheddar cheese Canadian? I love that combination. So very good.

Matrimonial bars? Aren’t those a prairie staple?

BC salmon.

Montreal-style smoked meat, you heathens!

On a big, thick kaiser bun. Mmmmmmph.

It’s found throughout New England as well, especially Vermont, where both good apples and even gooder cheddar cheese are in great abundance.

Sea pie (not what you think)
Cree bannock with wild blueberry jam
My mother’s smoked salmon
Saturna Island fish chowder . . . rock cod, salmon, cream, potatoes, corn, onion, bacon . . .)
Pancakes with Rogers’ Golden Syrup NOT corn syrup.

I want to go home.