Canadope 2015: Battlestar Canadica

Well, it’s (almost) a new year, and time for a new Canadope thread. I’m not planning to get up any time tomorrow morning, so I thought I’d start this up tonight. The reason for the name - we’re having a Battlestar Galactica marathon tonight and tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Happy New Year, everybody! I hope everyone had a good 2014, and I hope your 2015 is even better.

Happy New Year - home in The Peg (thanks for the cold snap. Brings a frozen tear to my eye) until the 2nd. :slight_smile:

Happy New Year to all from the big T.O. Just came back from a kid-oriented party with kid-midnight at 9:45.

I am ready to fall asleep, my 6 year old still wants to party… man am I getting old!

Happy New Year from New Brunswick!

Now I’m off to bed because I’m old.

And a happy new year from beautiful Prince Edward County, where a perfectly seasonable -10 feels like misery after a very mild December. The ice only beginning to form up on the lake and the bays is really cramping the ice fishermen’s style.

Happy New Year from Hong Kong. +17C, brrr!

Absolutely beautiful night here. Someone set off fireworks up the road, so we went for a walk to take a look. Apparently more will be going off at midnight, those were just a test. Maybe we will walk up the road again to see in a couple hours, if we are awake then.

Happy New Year from New Westminster, BC!

Alright, who let this guy in here? :slight_smile:

Happy New Year to all the CanaDopers!

Happy Nude Rear from Edmonton!

Happy New Year folks.

I have the greatest neighbours. Last night we congregated around a bonfire, drank, laughed and set off fireworks.

I’m paying for it today, but I just got up and re-stoked the wood stove. And now, a glass of water and a wee nap.

ETA: And by neighbours, I mean the whole neighbourhood. There were like 30 or 40 of us at the fire last night.

New Year’s greetings from Haus das Glasperlen! Both of whom have the flu and don’t feellike celebrating anything except the possibility of our mutual demise. :(. It can only get better from here, right?

And yes, we both got the flu shot.

Happy New Year, everyone! Bonne Année, tout le monde!

Light dusting of snow overnight, and a lovely winter’s day.

Clan Piper just had pancakes, sausage and apples for brunch, along with a celebratory glass of champagne. Don’t plan on going out at all today.

Traditional tourtière for supper tonight, and i’ll also be making an English chocolate pudding. First try boiling/steaming a pudding, but Jamie Oliver assures me it’s easy.
Hope this year goes well for us all!

Sorry to hear that - it will get better!

Bonfire at the hill, skied until 11, greeted new year in a hot tub looking up at a beautiful night sky.

Starting the new year today with more skiing. A good way to begin the year.

Happy New Year, countrymen and countrywomen!

I went to Old Montreal and watched a concert and some fireworks for New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year from Peterborough, where the canal is finally freezing over!

As I suspected, we weren’t up till just about noon today; just finished our extremely rare breakfast of pancakes and bacon. {urp} I have no idea what New Year’s Day supper will be - after that breakfast, it should be plain lettuce, I suspect. :slight_smile:

Feel better, Der Glasperlenspiel. Flus suck. :frowning:

Tourtière is in the oven! On to the English pudding! (New Year’s this year chez Pipers celebrates the Two Solitudes, culinary fashion.)