Cancelled: Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23.

I agree! Both the girls were great (and hot), but JVDB’s portrayal of himself was often the funniest part of the show for me.
I wonder if the show could be resurrected on a different network? TBS has “Cougar Town” now, so perhaps there is hope…

When this show was first announced I didn’t think there was a chance in Hell that I would like it but…whatta ya know…I liked it a lot. Sorry to see it go while **2 Broke Girls **lives on.

Saw last night that **Rules Of Engagement **is coming back! That truly boggles my mind, I thought we were rid of that crapfest (and David Spade) years ago!

I don’t hate Happy Endings, but the handful of times I’ve seen it, I just thought it was the defintion of “trying too hard.”

Rules of Engagement is on syndication now and I find the stuff with the two couples moderately amusing, but I don’t get David Spade and his British-Indian assistant that he’s always picking on. It seems kind of pointless and sitcommy, not that the other couples aren’t sitcommy…

Anyway, I found Don’t Trust the B… fairly funny as well but it never became a regular thing for me to watch. One of the funniest bits I saw was when the two girls were fake arguing in front of the parents house on Thanksgiving.

Disappointing news, but hardly surprising given that they couldn’t even be bothered to air the episodes in any sort of proper order. If they care that little, they clearly weren’t going to even try to make it work. Shame, as I find JVDB parodying himself to be amazingly hilarious.

Noooooooooooooooo! Damn, that was an underrated show. A likable sociopathic chick who broke every social rule, James Van Der Beek playing himself as a shallow and burned out former star, the setting of every plot as a puzzle where the story leading to the absurdist introductory scene is unraveled…

And the pitch perfect casting. This was one of the good ones.

It’s too bad, I liked the show. It definitely had some of the funniest moments on television this season.

A depressed JVDB claims he needs to go on a solitary bender to reflect. We see him staggering down a street beer in hand. The camera zooms out and we see his assistant following him in a limousine handing him fresh beers.

Chloe’s bizarre Electra complex, which involves her setting up June to have an affair with her (Chloe’s) father then tricking June into pretending she was in a wheelchair in order to infuriate her wheelchair bound mother. It was just so weird and dark it had me in hysterics.

Did “New Girl” ever get funny? I watched the first 3 or 4 episodes because I like Zooey, but found it to be pretty much laugh-free.

I always liked it, but if you didn’t like the first 4 episodes, you won’t like the rest. It’s pretty much more of the same. Basically, Jess being really loud and all the guys saying “OMG, take it down a notch

The first time I saw Don’t Trust the B---- I thought it was awful, but I caught it again later and it seemed a lot better. Not a favorite, but not something I’d change the channel to avoid either and it was better than a show titled Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 had any right to be. Certainly MUCH better than Two Broke Girls.

I can’t believe they killed off a badass show like 666 Park Avenue for a loser like that.

I didn’t care for it but my wife likes it so I see bits and pieces. It has some laughs now and then but, curiously, none of them involve Jess.

I thought it improved a lot midway through the first season. My favourite comedy now that 30 Rock and (probably) Community are ending.