Cancelled: Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23.

It looks they finally put this show in the grave. ABC is not even going to broadcast the last 8 shows that they have in the can.

News Here.

I watched the show. I wasn’t crazy about it it, but I liked Krysten Ritter enough to watch it.

Aw, bummer. I didn’t go out of my way to watch it, but it did make me laugh (and cringe sometimes).

More room for Dancing With The Stars! BLEAH.

See, she was the one actor I didn’t really care for in that show.

I didn’t think the show had much of a chance initially, but they did keep coming up with reasonable episodes. It was better than a lot of drivel still on the air.

Show was crappy but Krysten Ritter is pretty damn solid. Remember her from Breaking Bad?


I figured it out a while ago when they started running it twice a week. That’s usually a bad sign.
As much as I really like New Girl, I’d take Apt 23 over it. I think I like it more.

Also, I just started rewatching Breaking Bad again from the beginning. It’s was a bit jarring seeing Jane in Breaking Bad and Chloe in Apt 23. They’re the same…but different.
I also really like James in Apt 23, I think he did a really good job with that role.

I hope Happy Endings sticks around. I never got into this one, but I do like Happy Endings for some reason.

We all like happy endings.

Yet Two Broke Girls got a second season?

I enjoyed it. It was darker and more absurd than most sitcoms are willing to go, and that kind of thing tends to resonate with my sense of humor.

For the same reasons, I can see why it had trouble attracting a larger audience.

Funny, I mentally thought of New Girl too. In the case of New Girl; I like Zooey Deschanel; but in her case she’s not enough to get to watch New Girl.

I liked happy ending when it first started. Then it seemed like they changed to show to magnify their quirks into something that wasn’t funny anymore.

From my perspective
Max is now extra flamboyantly gay.
Brad does his idiotic over-the-top cutesy voice

You get the idea; To me the show isn’t about six quirky friends and how they get along… it’s about the over-the-top-zany-quirks, and the stories are an after thought.

Drat! I really liked this show.

Unfathomable …

I like “Happy Endings” a lot less than I first did, as well.

Well, that’s a damn shame. We’ve been enjoying B-----. Kinda figured it was in trouble when they started showing episodes out of order.

We also really like Happy Endings, and fully expect it to die.

I also thought they’d shown a couple of episodes out of order and wondered why they were airing them twice a week. Curses. I adored this and Krysten is a gem. But what I’m really going to miss is Van der Beek’s parody of himself. That was hilarious and absolutely one of the best bits. Anyway, damn you, ABC. You suck big green donkey dicks. May ticks infest all your armpits. :frowning:

Nooooooooo! It’s one of the few sitcoms I really liked.

I’m an old guy and I kind of liked Apt 23 well enough to DVR it usually. Mainly because of Ritter. The new girl in the big city thing and James Van Der Beek (sp) as himself thing were both playing out and they weren’t replacing it with anything new. And the perv across the way was just pervy. Didin’t get that at all.

I also thought of Happy Endings. This season isn’t doing it for me.