Candian Magazine Subscribers PLEASE HELP!!!!


I signed up for a THREE YEAR (yeah yeah, I know) magazine subscription where I receive MacLean’s, Flair, and two other magazines of my choice (Currently Umm and Canadian Geographic).

The bill is $12.85/month. The automatic withdrawl through my account is done by a clearinghouse called “TCRS Magazines”, :confused: however there is no info for this anywhere online that I can find. I also know that this is common for banking names to be different than company names sometimes. The problem is that I lost their contact info and I have moved. I have no way of telling them to change my address/phone #, etc. :frowning: So for 2 more years I’ll be paying for this service that I will no longer receive.

If ANYONE has used or is using a sevice that sounds very similar to the one I am using, please let me know the clearinghouse contact information. I would be eternally grateful. Well, not ETERNALLY, but for a long time.


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Publishing man, here.

The clearinghouse is almost (99+%) simply a reseller of the magazines. Publishers use these groups to generate new subscriptions even though they take a loss on the first order (because the firms get a hefty commision.

You need to contact the customer service department of each magazine. When the clearinghouse gets your order they take the cash, pass some of it along to each magazine, and send your contact info to the magazine’s circulation department (that’s where I started!)(Go Circ!)

A simply phone call or visit to the sit eof each magazine should take care of it for you.

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If you can’t find a website (and lots of Canadian magazines don’t have one, Macleans does) or can’t do it by phone, check inside the magazines, particularly the fine print, looking for change of address directions. I’ve subscribed to magazines for years and moved from time to time, it usually cost me a stamp and a written notice to the magazine to get the address changed. National Geographic used to publish an address change form on every paper wrapper the magazine was delivered in. The important thing is to do it ASAP because it can take up to three months for the change to go through. As a Canadian, you can also pay a small fee to Canada Post to re-direct your mail to your new address for a few months.