Candy that makes you go "Blech"

Inspired by the Candy that makes you go “Meh” thread. I couldn’t think of any candy that I am on the fence about. Only love it or hate it. This is the thread for hate it.

My Candy Hates:
Necco Wafers
Ribbon Candy
Red Hots

Black Licorice. Why anyone would put that in their mouth willingly is beyond comprehension.
Spice gumdrops.

THE website for candy that makes everyone say “blech”

I’ve only had the Circus Peanuts. Blech

Good N Plenty.

Double Blech.

Moved from IMHO to CS.

I’ll ditto the licorice. Anyone who claims to like it is probably some sort of evil Hellspawn in disguise…best we take them out now before they plunge our world into unending darkness.

black licorice

anything sour

Another vote for black liquorice.

Anything with coconut.


Black licorice, I can understand - it’s not great, but it’s not terrible, either. But “double salt” licorice - my god. The scandinavians are crazy.

I had a friend from Canada bring down some Canadian treats. I enjoyed most everything, from the “soap flavored” Thrills to the Power-Bar-esque Eat-More.

Then I tried the Big Turk. Hrgk. Throat-burning “froot” flavored jujube center (like a Swedish Fish), covered in chocolate.

Wait, I guess that’s a candy that makes me go “Hrgk.”

Preach it.

Another one for black licorice. That stuff is vile.

Black Licorice.

And, for a double-plus-ungood “Blech” try the Dutch “DZ.” Indescribably wretched. Like eating Abu Ghraib.

I hate black licorice with the fire of a thousand suns. I can’t even eat Domino’s Italian sausage pizza because they use anise as a flavoring. Urk. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way about licorice. Vile.

I love licorice. The saltier the better.

I wonder if its a what you eat as a kid thing? I can’t stand US-style grape flavoured stuff, but I’ve only ever tasted it as an adult in the US and the flavour is pretty uncommon in the UK. On the other side of the coin, a US born colleague was saying that blackcurrent flavoured stuff is rare in the US but pretty much ubiquitous here. Thoughts?

Another vote (or is it an anti-vote?) for black licorice. Where is a pukey smiley when you need one? My grandfather loved the stuff and would buy the huge tub of 500 vines and go to town. Blaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggh.

I also can’t stand coconut in candy. Coconut rum, sure–but I CAN’T STAND chocolates with coconut filling. And I always manage to find the coconut one in a box of chocolates…they tend to look like caramels (which I love), but invariably I take a bit and blech. I then pass it on to DeathLlama, who loves the stuff.

still another vote for hatin’ black licorice. I also can’t stand orange slice candy or that penut butter taffy shit passed out at Halloween.

Liquorice, circus peanuts, anything with coconut.

Oh, and that old-lady candy dish hard candy that looks like the turds a velvet painting would crap out.

Another licorice hater. Though I like the cherry pull and peel twizzlers. Not regular cherry twizzlers, though. Ick.

Circus peanuts, black jack gum, coconut that is not toasted (it’s a texture, thing, I guess), very very dark chocolate (though I can see why it’s tasty to some, it’s jut not to me).

Haven’t had real black licorice as far as I can remember. I like the black jellybeans though.

Now Jolly Ranchers, I despise.