What are unusual candies/treats you like?

So, with Halloween approaching, the thoughts of many turn to candy…
Grown-ups buy treats for the expected kids, making sure there’s plenty of their (the grown-ups, not the kids) favorites, so as to enjoy the leftovers…
So, what candy do you like to indulge in, even if it’s only once in a while?

For me, it’s licorice cigar and licorice pipe (second and third items in link)
I think I aquired a taste for these because, when I was a kid, my Dad liked these, so, of course, I had to like them too… :smiley:

So, what’s your candy of choice?


Normally I hate when people come in to threads like these and denounce one’s taste in food items calling them abominations or whatnot, however … licorice?! Licorice is Satan’s Ear Wax. Bleh!

The boyfriend and I were in the store earlier today in the candy aisle and I was looking at the cheap old-fashioned candy and I saw those rectangular crispy peanut butter bars, he said he hated them. I love them but they stick to the teeth something awful so I resisted the urge to buy them. I got some Almond Joy instead.

Double salt licorice FTW, here.


In this order:


Reese’s Peanut Butter cups

Smarties (American)


Peter Paul Mound’s bars

Everything else is for the kids to enjoy.

I came in here to post this. Mmmmmm…dubbel zout.

If it doesn’t have chocolate in it, on it, or around it, it isn’t a treat to me!

My hubby loves Reese’s peanut butter anything…my 5 year old is allergic to peanuts. Daddy gets to check all his treats for NASTY peanuts, and then eats all that bad stuff right up!

I really like candy corn. You know, the stuff that’s basically sweet wax with some mild, artificial flavoring added. There’s no reason on Earth I should like that crap as much as I do, but I’ll happily go through a big bag in a few days just sitting and munching while online.

That’s another one my Dad likes… as well as the “matching” pumpkin candies…


Brachs Jelly Nougats. Can’t get them outside the US tho.

I like only the tops of the candy corn, the white part. It must be made of a slightly different sugar/wax combination. If I eat the whole candy corn, after about a dozen of them I get overdosed, and then even the sight of them makes me queasy for the rest of the year.

I like Necco wafers. I used to like Snocaps before I got some bridgework. I like Smarties, I like Pixy Stix, and I like Mounds bars but not Almond Joy. (Seriously, how long did those almonds sit in their warehouse?)

My absolute favorite disgusting candy is Lemonheads. It’s exciting that you never know when you’re going to come across one of those awful extra super double-secret sour ones. That’s even worse than a Mr. Misty headache!

I like those peanut-butter taffys that come wrapped in orange or black wax paper. I like the tricolor (pink, white, brown) coconut things. I like See’s spanish-peanut suckers. I really miss BBBats. Chocolate or banana. Oh! Sugar babies.

And, of course, “circus peanuts.”

Wait, what are you doing with those torches and pitchforks? Gaaaah!

Oh, I loved both of those when I was a kid. Strangely, both of those candies presented me with the same problem: they were terribly hard to unwrap. And there was always some little bit of wrapping clinging to them when you ate them (or maybe that was all due to my childish eagerness to get them into my mouth, where they belonged). I’d happily sit down with a bag of either one right now, but I’d regret it when I was done.

And licorice. Mmmm. Switzer’s is my first choice, but I’ll eat Twizzlers, too. None of that vile red stuff, either. Licorice is black (apparently, it’s actually very, very, very dark green, as I discovered as a child after my parents gave me a whole bag of black jelly beans…“Mom! Something’s wrong! I went to the toilet and it’s all green!!” But I digress)…ahem, licorice is black and tastes of anise. All you licorice haters may send your licorice to the 3acres estate.

What are BBBats? Sounds like something I’d like! Then, again, I also like circus peanuts and Necco wafers…oh, and banana Laffy Taffy.

Just a minor correction here–you misspelled “anus.”

I love Brach’s Neapolitans, those little tricolor, triflavor coconut confections that resemble the ice cream. I’ve always been baffled by the hate these inspire (usually, it’s a hate more fuelled by hate of all things coconut than hate for the specific candy), but it just means more for me. (Edited to add: this is the candy that brujaja mentions first.)

For unusual, and frankly foul-tasting candy of which I’m still a fan, it’s gotta be Rockaleta by Sonric, a PepsiCo company in Mexico. A mango gum center (the kind of gum that turns into a lump of flavorless wax after a few minutes), surrounded by alternating layers of spicy chili and sweet fruit candy, all coated with chili powder and sour stuff like a Sour Patch Kid. We regularly buy bags of them at my local store and pass them out.

Chocolate-covered halvah. I suppose it’s an acquired taste. Best described as crunchy/flaky sweet tahini. Much better than it sounds.

This is not a Halloween candy, or not one I’ve ever seen at Halloween, but it is a confection like candy, so I’m posting it.

I also just found it and bought some.

Aplets and Cotlets. It’s a soft jelly candy with chopped walnuts in it. Aplet is apple-flavored and cotlet is apricot-flavored. Yum!

I like the chocolate tips of so-called Indian corn (i.e., candy corn with a chocolate tip, instead of the white tip.) The rest of the candy corn I’m not that huge a fan of. I wish there were a candy that was just the chocolate part of the Indian corn.

I also enjoy Goetz’s caramels (the ones with the grainy cream-like substance in the middle) and Sixlets.

C. Howard’s Violet - flavored mints and gum.
Howard makes other, more traditional flavors, as their home page shows, but the violet-flavored stuff takes a lot of people by surprise.
VIOLET flavored? Isn’t that a FLOWER???
Yes, it is. I’d think it was weird, too, but I grew up with this stuff, and it seems normal. I can bu it at home in New Jersey, and I’ve found a few places in Massachusetts that sell it (Newbury Comics, and Plymouth Plantation, for some reason), but it’s still rare here. I don;'t vremember seeing it in any other places I’ve lived.

This reluctance to use flowers as flavors is an odd part of traditional American flavoring. Flower flavors are big in India, for instance, where you can get rose-flavored Ice Cream and the like.

I like the idea of those mini-ice cream cones made with imitation marshmallow and cardboard. I have a pack at my desk at work to look at - I doubt that I’ll ever open it.
Not these:http://www.candywarehouse.com/superscoops.html, these:http://www.blaircandy.com/mamaicecrco3.html