Cannabis Extracts for the Primary Treatment of Cancer, Epilepsy, and More

Hello, my name is Justin Kander. First off, I’m extremely excited to have this conversation with many fine individuals, as so far, and surprisingly, I’ve never had the opportunity to fully discuss this with a large group of individuals in depth. Very exciting!

As many of you are probably aware, there is has been a major surge in news lately regarding high-cannabidiol cannabis oil treatment. CBD is a constituent of cannabis which is even more medically effective than THC, and moreover is non-psychoactive, so people who use it don’t even get high. The awareness of this medicine was made nationally known with the Sanjay Gupta documentary Weed, which aired August 11th, 2013. It described the case of Charlotte Figi, a young girl with Dravet syndrome, which caused her to have 300 grand mal seizures a week. No combination of even the most powerful pharmaceuticals could do anything to reduce these seizures. Then, after the first dose of high-CBD oil, she stopped having seizures. Continued treatment has resulted in her having less than three minor seizures a month. That’s powerful stuff.

It’s not only her case. There has been a lot of news recently, including an article posted just yesterday, about more successes. There’s Zander Welton for cortical dysplasia, Zaki Jackson for Doose syndrome, and Brian Scott, a young football player from Utah, for leukemia. There have also been recent articles about new epilepsy patients of the Stanley brothers, who provided Charlotte Figi’s medicine. Dr. Margaret Gedde, who is overseeing 11 patients, reports that 9 of them experienced 90-100% seizure reductions. These are in cases where nothing else has worked to control the seizures, and this medicine is having miraculous effectiveness.

It shouldn’t be surprising that people have been using cannabis extracts for years, to control conditions far beyond just epilepsy. In fact, people have been eliminating cancer, including terminal cancers, with cannabis extracts. I’ve recently compiled a 100-page report which unequivocally proves the effectiveness of this medicine, and includes medical documentation of terminal cancer patients now in remission with cannabis extract treatment. There are successful experiences related to prostate, brain, liver, pancreatic, leukemia, lymphoma, skin, and other cancers. Rare conditions like trigeminal neuralgia, Behcet’s disease, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, and chondrosarcoma are addressed alongside experiences with more well known diseases like diabetes, Crohn’s, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, and more. There is also extensive analysis of the scientific literature surrounding cannabinoid medicine, which completely supports all the experiential results being observed. For one, the human body is actually programmed to have cannabinoids kill cancer cells and regulate homeostasis. While it can be dry at times, the science truly is remarkable.

I encourage you all to read my report, I know it’s long but it’s well worth it considering the revolutionary nature of this material. And then I will be here to answer absolutely any questions you have. What I’m claiming here is that cannabis extracts can reliably eliminate cancers in humans, heal virtually any disease, and that the world will undergo the greatest revolution in history when it learns the truth. I’m very excited to discuss this with all of you and have some great conversations!!

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So, what’s the debate?

I did look through several of the other debate threads in this section but none were relevant to this topic, and in any case I’d have wanted to start my own thread to share the further information regarding this issue. It is truly a time-sensitive, globally pressing issue that is uniquely extraordinary and must be addressed properly.

Also, the debate element comes in for anyone who wants to challenge any of these issues. I feel like it’s more of a discussion than a debate, however, but I certainly expect people to have problems with this or be skeptical. Everyone should absolutely be skeptical until reading the information. But I’d like for everyone to realize the truth of this, which I know will somehow lead to greater good. It just needs to be known about, and this is one of the many paths forward for doing that.

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Are you currently in a position to profit from the sale of cannabinoid oils, as a business owner, stock holder or other vested interest?

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Doesn’t appear to be a sales website, nor is it supported by advertising.

I am the webmaster for, the most well known organization which promotes cannabis extracts for the treatment of cancer. If the world changes, I’m certain that I will make money in some way, but that’s not why I’m doing this. It’s because this medicine can change the world, and the time is finally ready for it to come out.

Jonathan I greatly appreciate this message and am glad you understand my intentions. I am indeed making the argument that cannabis can eliminate cancer in humans - that’s a pretty big issue to debate. Also, I have no interest in promoting any products of any kind - I just want to discuss this issue in general. Thank you!

No single substance can prevent cancer. Period.
Not even NORML thinks so.

I haven’t finished reading your report, but perhaps you could answer a question: have cannabis extracts been effective in treating diffuse systemic scleroderma? Could you post links to the relevant studies or investigations? Thanks.

Sorry, pal, not reading a 100 page report. Can you give me 3 peer-reviewed studies, from reputable journals, suggesting that any form of cannabinoids can CURE cancers of any type, and a hypothesized mechanism for doing so?
Thanks in advance -

But weed is BAD! BAD BAD BAD!

Alcohol is okay though.

I don’t think weed is bad. But after a scan of the report, the vast majority of references are anecdotal, and don’t support the claims that it cures all cancer.

I’ve never heard of diffuse systemic scleroderma before, but upon searching, I’ve found a couple peer-reviewed studies potentially relating to it. The first, titled “Cannabinoids inhibit fibrogenesis in diffuse systemic sclerosis fibroblasts”, concludes that “Our preliminary findings suggest that cannabinoids are provided with an anti-fibrotic activity, thereby possibly representing a new class of agents targeting fibrosis diseases”. I know that study says “sclerosis” and not “scleroderma”, but apparently they are synonyms? At least, the title of a different study seemed to imply such a thing. In any case, a further study titled The cannabinoid WIN55, 212-2 abrogates dermal fibrosis in scleroderma bleomycin model concluded that “the synthetic cannabinoid WIN55,212-2 is capable of preventing skin fibrosis in a mouse model of scleroderma.” Like I said, I hadn’t come across this condition until now, but that’s some limited material.

As for peer-reviewed studies for other cancers, here are several that I mention in my report, in no particular order. Furthermore, the report includes dozens of experiential cases that overwhelmingly demonstrate this works, including multiple cases of scans and doctor’s reports confirming remission. To believe claims of this magnitude, there’s no getting around that you must put in time learning about it.

Brain Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Lung Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Breast Cancer


What are “cannabis extracts” anyway – hash, dabs, what?

Indeed, all of the references are technically anecdotal. Such is the case with anything that isn’t in a true clinical trial. But the results still have merit, because of the intensity of each case, the large numbers, the replication of success over many years by many people, and the incredible science supporting it all. It just makes sense.

One of the earliest proponents of this medicine, Rick Simpson, stated that if people didn’t believe him that cannabis oils could cure cancer, they should just put some on a skin cancer and see what happens. That is the fastest way to observe results. And in the report, there are at least eight cases of skin cancer mentioned alone. When it keeps happening over and over, with so many different cases, and eventually reaching national news levels, you know there’s something to it.

As for what “cannabis extracts” refers to, it mainly is cannabis oil, extracted with some kind of solvent. This concentrates the cannabinoids and makes for efficient delivery. However, I use the term cannabis extract medicine because there are many different types of cannabis oil, as well as juicing, tinctures, transdermal patches, vaporization, etc. In the case of Jack, a patient treated by River Rock in Colorado for skin cancer, he was using basically all of that.

What, as an ointment?