Marijuana Cures Cancer?

It does, and I speak from experience.

Been toking steady since '65. In 2007, I had a squamous invader excised from my left ankle. Two weeks ago, I had another removed from my right. I cruised for a week on beer, weed and Oxycodone, copay, $0 for the procedure and the Oxy, a bit more for the beer, etc. After factoring in the services of my personable surgeon, anesthesiologist and prep staff, it’s clear that marijuana cured me of cancer.

Am I in the right forum?


Marijuana does not cure cancer.

If it cured cancer, how did you get the first tumor? Or the second?

A cure is not final with cancer until several years have passed. It’s not just cut it out and you’re done.

If it indeed cured your cancer, and it can be proved, you should be written up in a reputable medical journal. See your doctor about this.

Personally, I think it was the beer that cured your cancer, and if you’ve been toking since '65, MJ gave it to you.

How do you know it wasn’t the beer?


I’m living proof that it prevents it. So far, anyway.

I’m sure it helped.

So what? Your uneducated opinion, when weighed against a mountain of evidence, means absolutely nothing.

It has been well-said that correlation does not necessarily imply causality.


Now apply that to your opening statement.

Hmmmm. And yours do, I suppose?

Link, another link, and another link.
Your turn.

No thanks. I’ll leave that to the nit-pickers.


So why did you post this thread in Great Debates?

Reefer Madness in Modern Mainstream Media. meh.

So what kind of evidence would you accept?

I think the OP is trying to be sarcastic.

Oh, oh! I know this one!!

Only evidence that supports his belief?

From my OP

I had to start somewhere.

Unlike everyone else, of course.