Canned reindeer meat

I have a small can of reindeer meat from Helsinki. Please recommend a recipe in which I might use it. I’m not so familiar with canned meat.

How is it prepared in the first place, cooked, baked or smoked, and in how large pieces? You might serve it hot in a cream and beer gravy for an approximation of sauteed reindeer, or if it’s in smaller pieces, you could mix it with cream cheese, salt and pepper and use as a sandwich spread.

If it is ground up, you could make chili with it. I love chili with ground venison. I would guess reindeer meat is ‘similar’ flavor. just substitute ground beef with ground reindeer in your favorite chili recipe.

Canned meat has been preasure cooked and will be very fall-apart tender. So you should keep that in mind. You can use it in any food that you might normally use shreaded or ground beef in.

Add sauce for BBQ sandwiches, make enchiladas, put into stroganoff, etc.

Eating reindeer at CHRISTMAS TIME???

Someone’s in for a LOT and I mean A LOT of coal in their stocking :slight_smile:

This is where it pays to be Jewish.

That means you need to put a maraschino cherry on top! :smiley:

One summer I worked for a Swedish deli meat company called Skane Erik. One of their specialty Christmas products was smoked reindeer meat. The best part was the little cartoon of Rodolph on the package.

And yes it was yummy. These are the same folks who taught me to eat liverwurst on Wassa bread with sweet pickles. Yes the Swedes are seriously mixed up when it comes to food.