Canned salmon cakes on a George Foreman?

Hello all smart cooking-type people.

My husband has expressed a wild-ass desire for salmon patties/cakes, but he doesn’t want fried-in-the-frying-pan ones. Until Google this morning, I had no idea that NOT frying them was an option.

I’ve never made any type of salmon cake thingie before, but I do firmly remember breadcrumbs being a large part of the process when my mother made them when I was a child.

So here’s the question(s) -

  1. Are the breadcrumbs necessary if the cakes are destined to be grilled on a George Foreman-type grill? (ie - as structural support rather than a coating to be fried)

  2. Does anyone happen to have a nice simple grilled salmon patty recipe that they’re dying to pass on to someone clueless? Or, please rate the one that I found online this morning and offer suggestions as to seasonings and prep advice. (please make them easy ones - I do not usually cook.)

  3. How on earth do we know when the cakes have been on the grill long enough to be cooked through? Or am I monumentally stupid and canned salmon is pre-cooked?
    Here is the recipe I found online which seems simple enough and easy to make -

16 oz canned salmon
1/2 cup crushed crackers, panko, or breadcrumbs
1 egg
1 Tbsp milk
seasonings to taste (suggestions: salt/pepper, lemon and parsley, dill, or curry :confused: )

Mash everything all together, form into flattened patties, and grill until brown on the outside.
(that last bit isn’t very helpful… how thick are the patties? how brown? what about the inside?)

Any problems people see with that recipe? Suggestions? Important earth-shattering information about salmon in general?

Many many thanks!!

I won’t assume you’re monumentally stupid, but canned salmon is cooked :smiley:

I’ve never made them, but that sounds like a good starting point to me, I might just have to try it one of these days.

Thank you for the answer - we’re trying them tonight and seeing how it goes.

So here’s my next question - I swear I looked everywhere on that damn can and didn’t find anything about whether it was cooked or not. Is that just information people are supposed to glean by osmosis from parents or other adults who cook?

Well, anything canned has been cooked. You cannot have, for example, canned raw sushi.

I’ve made salmon patties a time or three - I often use mashed potatoes as a binder.

Thickness and browning is a matter of personal preference more than anything else.

For me, your recipe doesn’t have nearly enough bread crumbs. When I make salmon patties I use an entire sleeve of saltine crackers, crushed into a fine powder with most mixed well with the other ingredients and the rest reserved to coat the formed patties before they go into the pan.

I also like a little fine diced onion and celery in my salmon patties. YMMV

This actually works quite well when baked in the oven. Form the patties to about half an inch thick and coat well with the reserved cracker crumbs. Place on a baking sheet in a 350 degree oven for 35-40 minutes. Serve with cole slaw.

I just made salmon patties last week on an electric griddle pan. Just popped in to say - make sure you crush up those bones better than I did. By all means, leave them in for the calcium, but smash 'em up really good or they’ll be unpleasantly crunchy/gritty. I guess I need a better work light over my counter.

Your recipe sounds fine. I added minced and softened onion and green pepper.

That sounds nice - do you use real mashed potatoes, or those dried potato flakes from boxes?

And it’s sounding like onions are a clear front-runner here… :smiley:

You know, my mom used to make salmon patties for me all the time when I was a kid. Haven’t thought about them in years. Are there bones in the can?

Generally, the big cans have bones, the small tuna-sized cans don’t.

Either way works fine. Good way to use up leftovers if you’ve got 'em on hand, but you can whip up a little bit of the boxed stuff for this application - the slight fakeness of the flavor/texture is overshadowed by all the other stuff. And I say that as someone who enjoys the occasional boxed mashed potatoes. :smiley:

I would use your broiler for this - no or little added fat and good overall browning.

Little else to add to the excellent suggestions above.

Salmon patties. Lent must be here.

My mother would pick out the bones/cartiliginous pieces.


My recipe goes thus:

1 x can pink or red salmon.
1 x onion, finely chopped
3 x medium sized potatoes, boiled and mashed.
1 x egg
1/4 - 1/2 cup of dried breadcrumbs or cornflakes.
Herbs of choice: chopped parsley, dill etc
Grated rind of 1 x lemon.
Salt and pepper.

Mix ingredients, form into patties, (if too moist, you can add extra crumbs) and REFRIGERATE for at least an hour. This helps them stay together better in the pan/grill.

If frying them, I dust with a little bit of plain flour to give a light ‘crust’ to the patty, but if doing them on a grill I’d omit the flour.

Happy munching :slight_smile:

I make salmon patties with egg/breadcrumbs etc and usually fry them. One time I was trying to be particularly healthy and put them in the oven. They don’t come out as crisp and they’re not quite as tasty (the lack of oil, I guess) but they were fine. The mashed potato is cooked already. The salmon is also already cooked, so it’s just a matter of getting them hot. The oven was fine, so I guess a Foreman grill would work as well.

Oooooh, kambuckta is right. Giving them time to chill in the fridge is key to making sure they hold together.