Canned stuffed cabbage

I’ve always loved stuffed cabbage, especially my mother’s recipe, though I haven’t had it in many decades. Hers was stuffed with a mixture of ground beef, rice, brown sugar, onion, some other ingredients and seasoning, and cooked in a tomato-based sauce.

Last week I saw cans of imported stuffed cabbage in the store, and bought a can, without reading the label. It turned out to be little tubes of some unidentifiable substance surrounded by vaguely cabbage-like leaves in some kind of tasteless oil. Stuffed cabbage in name only.

Anyone else ever buy this crap, and what did you think of it?

Heh. I have purchased canned tamales and canned stuffed grape leaves.

Some things are just worth the extra effort.

I love stuffed cabbage, but in cans? EEEEWWWWWW!!!

How about some recipes? I’ve never made it, but I’m kind of keen to try. Can I leave out the rice, or substitute something less carb-y?

I love stuffed cabbage, too, but it is labor-intensive, especially for a household of one.

TIP: Costco has EXCELLENT stuffed cabbage in their refrigerator section (not frozen). There are four humongous cabbage rolls in yummy tomato sauce. Gitchyseff some. :slight_smile:

There is pretty good frozen stuffed cabbage, like Stouffer’s. I haven’t had it in ages. My aunt used to make the galumpki in a big pan for weddings and such, but everyone is dead and/or gone now. I made an unstuffed cabbage casserole once, pretty darn good, though I hear endless complaints about ‘smelling up the house’. We have quite an Eastern European population here and there are a few restaurants and stores where stuffed cabbage can be purchased.

I love stuffed cabbage! I have never seen it nor heard of it in a can until I saw this thread.

And I hope to never see it again. That stuff was vile.

I hear that, it even sounds vile!

If Mythbusters ever decides to test “suicide by flatulence,” a can of mystery meat stuffed cabbage will be one of the key materials in the experiment.