Cannonball Run II is going to be on AMC!!!

What the hell happened to that station? I used to watch it all the time, good movies and no commercials. Now it’s like TNN + pan & scan Lawrence of Arabia every other day.

I invite you to complain here, as I have implored all my friends to do ever since they added commercials. And since I don’t get TMC, it’s even more annoying. Who wants to watch Gidget Goes to Rome with commercials?? Are they insane??

Am I the only one that remembers that the reason you got cable to begin with was that there were NO commercials? I can’t decide if I’m more upset that AMC now has commercials, or that no one seems to care.

I thought Dooku was inviting you to complain here.

The exact same thought ran through my head when I saw that they were showing Cannonball Run II (I mean, it’s not even the original Cannonball Run!) But the worst part is that Cannonball Run II is just part of their five days of action movies. Action movies? AMC? It is to weep.

What irritates me the most is that the movies are edited for content, like it’s the USA Network of something.

I sent a complaint a few months back and have never received any kind of reply. I guess they don’t give a crap what CLASSIC movie fans think.