Cannot decide if this is stupid or not: paying for jail.

This is the jail in my county; they are hoping to make some money by acting as if it is a hotel. Is this stupid or brilliant? Or perhaps somewhere in my between. I wanted some doper opinions on this matter!

I would do it as long as the cell and outer doors remained locked. It’s silly and fun with the booking photo and t-shirt.

At $30 including breakfast, dinner, a photo and a t-shirt (and available only over two days) I don’t think they are hoping to turn a profit.

I’d probably be more behind it if they were doing it for charity; this is in my home state of Missouri and Joplin could really use the help.

That’s not the first place to do it, I know some of the old, out of use jails here do it. They conduct a ghost tour, and then you are put in a cell to sleep for the night.

I can imagine some white rapper around here paying the $30 to spend the night in jail in order to boost his street credibility.

Butt-fucking? Just to “round out” the experience?


In a Missouri county jail, smuggled-in low-quality drugs would be more appropriate, or verisimilitudinous, or whatever the word is I want.

Can you pay extra to avoid the dinner and breakfast?

It’s an interesting idea. Kind of a novelty thing.

Around here two jails have been converted, one into a hotel and one into a restaurant. They’re pretty swanky.