Cannot find page

I’ve had a board on my favorites and tried to see it today and a file came up, I pressed cancel so couldn’t get to it. At the top I put in the url and now it just says
Not able to open ./cache/data_global.php
How to fix?

This is a board you visit, but don’t own, right? Unless you’re the administrator or tech support of the forum, you can’t fix it. It’s not your fault, in other words – it’s a glitch on their site related to the software (phpBB). They need to clear their cache folder and make sure permissions are correct.

I hope so. Its on my favorites and when I’d clicked it it showed me a file, which I cancelled of course. I googled it, same thing.

But I am betting when i go to the library, I will be able to access it. The file request did soemthing to it.