Cannot log on to the board from a new laptop

Got a new MacBook Air and everytime I try to log on I get a message saying “you cannot log on from this IP address”. Which is weird since I am using the same IP address right now to log on from my phone.
And before you say it, Migration Assistant isn’t an option either, since the reason for buying a new laptop was due to the old MacBook suddenly dying. As in it won’t switch on.
I logged off from another phone and tried to log on and…got the same message.
Are you trying to get rid of me?

Send a message to @engineer_comp_geek and maybe CC me. Include the current external IP address of the new MacBook.

This sounds like your IP is probably being accidentally blocked, possibly because of a mistaken spammer blocking. Mine was blocked for a short time but @engineer_comp_geek resolved it promptly. As said above, send him your physical (external) IP address.

The symptoms are a bit confusing as you say that one of your phones can still log in. Perhaps that particular phone is actually using a cellular internet connection, which would have a different IP?

Please send me (PM or email) your IP address as reported from one of those IP reporting sites like