Cannot setup New Monitor to Stand

Bought a new monitor from Its an HP LA2405x monitor. It gives me instructions on how to setup the monitor. However… i cannot set it up. The base of it is just very weird, i can’t push it so then my monitor would be standing up. Basically i just pushing it around a few time and still cannot get it to stand.
Can someone tell me what im doing wrong? I’m pushing it in every way and it doesn’t work. I youtube it and i dont see any video of it. I never had a monitor where it is this complicated.

I cannot push the neck up so it would stand straight. Anyone can tell me what im doing wrong here? Im not a computer smart person and very novice with these things. I use to play on a 2007 fp 20.1 monitor back in the usa and when i got the monitor, it was easy to setup everything. The base/stand of this monitor is so strange i cannot pull it up.

NOTE: When the monitor is unfolded for the first time, the display head is locked from adjusting to a full-height position. To adjust the display head to full height, press down on the display head to unlock it then pull up on the display head to raise it to the full-height position.
This is the problem im having. I have no idea what/where is the display head. Can someone who have this monitor or does these things tell me how i can do this? Theres no video on youtube for this and i cannot believe they make a monitor to adjust to stand up is this complicated. The picture they give doesn’t even help.

There are two steps.

Fold the vertical (back,spine) up to 90 degrees from the base. Perhaps it needs the weight of the screen on it to hold it at 90 degrees.Or perhaps it has to click (click and lock ) into 90 degrees ?
The screen is the head.
You can move the head up and down the vertical (bar.)

I guess you can just move the screen up and down UNTIL it stays up, if it doesn’t stay up at first, push the screen back down , to where it stops… and repeat , down , up , down , up… until it works. And each time you push down, Just keep increasing how hard you push down.

I am sure you will feel something give and/or a hear a click when you have pushed down hard enough to “unlock” the mechanism. Then when you raise it up, it will stay up …
I think its like a bolt (on a spring) being moved from one position to another.

Would you agree this monitor setup is very complicated for someone who is not very good with setting up computer/monitors?
Im doing it and still have no idea how to set it up.