Can't delete message in Outlook?

Okay, I’ve Googled, Knowledge Based, MS Updated, etc. Time to Dope!

I’ve got a computer in the office running W98 and Outlook. Outlook has received an email that has been flagged as spam by our ISP. There is no “Sender” or “subject” other than the [SPAM] tag added by our ISP. This automatically got dumped in the “deleted” folder. Whenever we click on the message, we get the “illegal operation” love note from windows, and Outlook crashes. Problem was exacerbated when someone here sorted the messages by subject, so natch the one without the subject went to the top, and any time you went into “deleted items”, Outlook crashed. I got around that by disabling the preview pane, BUT Outlook still crashes whenever I try to delete the offending message, even if the preview pane is disabled.

I’m not going to try to “empty deleted items” as we save everything in that folder for a year (business). How can I delete this offending message, and does anyone know WHY Outlook is doing this? I tried opening the .pst file in a text editor to manually remove it but Outlook must encode messages as it’s all gibberish.


Sounds like your personal folders file is messed up; have you tried the Inbox Repair Tool?;EN-US;q272227