Can't edit my posts...

The two times I’ve tried now I haven’t been able to edit my posts. I’m guessing this is because I have my profile set up so it doesn’t remember my username and p-word. I’m to lazy to test this, and I’m really to lazy to edit my profile, edit the message, edit my profile back and then go and find and delete the cookie (I’m assuming it’s a cookie) everytime I want to edit.

Anyway, if I’m right is there any possibility this will change in the future or any workaround? If I’m wrong, any guesses as to what I’m doing wrong?


Members are not able to edit their posts on this message board. Unfortunately, we can’t figure out how to change the text at the bottom of the screen indicating that they are. (It’s new software, and we’re still going through the owners manual figuring out what’s a feature and what’s a bug.)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok thanks.


Isn’t it in the fine print on the bottom of page 3458785467?


:: ducks for cover::

Zev Steinhardt

Thanks manhattan,I just spent 30 minutes trying to edit one of my posts before I looked here.