Can't find a way to get to my profile

I am still new to the new website and for the life of me I can’t find a way to get to my profile. I have clicked and right clicked on the few things on the top of the screen, but so far, nada.

I knlw I’ll have to slap my forehead when i find out.

Look to the upper left, click on your user icon. Looks like it’s just a K. Then, after the menu opens, click on your user name. You’ll see Preferences and other things.

Click your avatar top right.
Then click your username at the top of the dropdown.

Click on your avatar in the upper righthand part of the screen. It’s the K in the blue box.

Slow pokes.

Slaps forehead!.I had clicked on it but never thought to click on my name. DUH

Whoops, forget to say thank you to y’all. Thank you.

Moved to ATMB