Can't hear videos

Is there a volume button I’ve missed or a setting I’ve messed up? All linked videos from any site (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion) do not have sound and I must go to the actual sites to hear them. Since it seems to be only me I can only assume there is something I’ve done wrong. Any idea what it could be?

What Browser? With Chrome once you mute a site, it remembers it. Perhaps you muted the SDMB by mistake.

I do use Chrome and if I did mute it it was most definitely by mistake cuz I don’t know how to or how to not to. Or-- where do I go to check if this is the case?

So with the SDMB open in a tab, right click on the tab and about half way down is Unmute Site or Mute Site. If it says Unmute Site click it and it should change to Mute Site and the problem was easy to fix.

If not, then something else is wrong and someone else will probably come along with a better fix.

Not getting that option, maybe right clicking wrong place? Available options when I right click on tab:
Save as
Send to your device
Create QR
Translate to English
View page source

Across the top of Chrome are the tabs, one per page you have open. So where it says at the top “Can’t hear videos”, right click there to get the tab menu.

It will start with “New Tab to the Right”.

And I was assuming you are using Chrome on Windows and not a phone or tablet. I think from the Menu you showed, your on a Phone or Tablet?

In which case, I don’t know enough to be helpful, sorry.

Yay! Success! Thank you!

Oh Cool. Very glad I could help.