What's wrong with my YouTube?

At some point in the last day or so, I lost sound on YouTube. I can watch the videos but not hear them. I still have sound on other sites like Vimeo or Daily Motion so it’s not my computer. And if I download a YouTube video, I can hear the sound when I play it back on my computer.

There’s a mute/unmute icon on the YouTube screen but clicking it is having no effect.

Any ideas? Anyone else experiencing this problem?

Try upgrading shockwave. Usually this needs to be done after every windows update.

And that would affect just YouTube? (I’ll admit I’m ignorant of the technology here.)

There’s also a volume control slider. I’ve forgotten to turn it back up after moving it down and later wondered why the #@*& the volume was so low.

Check and see if you are in the HTML5 trial by clicking the link. That might not be working for you. I had that problem with videos on my parents’ computer.

If you’re in it, disable it and see if you get audio back.

I don’t know if it would, but the explanation would be that there are multiple technologies that sites use to stream videos. It’s possible that YouTube is using one that none of the rest of the sites you visit happen to use. So if you have an issue with Shockwave, and YouTube uses Shockwave while the others use HTML5, then you would perceive it as a YouTube issue instead of a Shockwave issue.

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No but ironically I was having the opposite problem with youtube. I would get a black screen but I would hear the audio fine. Running advanced system care 7 seems to have fixed my problem, but I would guess yours is due to something unrelated. It may not hurt though.

Sigh. I’m apparently turning into my parents.

It was the problem Esox Lucius described. The volume slider was turned down to zero. I don’t know this happened - I hadn’t even known there was a volume slider so I don’t see how I could have done it. But everything’s back to normal now.

This happens a lot with “modern” computers with either touch screen technology or touch screen operating system. The cursor jumps around, and when you use an arrow key, it affects part of the window, such as volume control, but not others.

Youtube is one of the Heartbleed victims. I don’t know if this would affect its operation, but change your password.

Welcome to the club. I’m thankful I still remember to put my pants on every morning.

But not until you know YouTube has patched its Heartbleed vulnerability.