Volume troubles with youtube...

This has been happening at least since I updated to Windows 10. Not that I am blaming Windows, just been happening for a long time.

I set my pc volume to around 34. Youtube I will adjust according to the video sound quality. Many times, almost every time, The video will open with the sound just barely audible with these settings, turning the volume up on the video doesn’t seem to help.
Turning up the volume on OS will help a little, until you open a game or pause a video, which “fixes” the audio problem and makes your ears bleed.

Does anyone else experience this. VLC videos seem to be unaffected. Only Youtube. A downloaded YT video won’t do this either. It does this in Chrome or FireFox.

I have been hoping some update would fix this, but that seems unlikely to ever happen. So any ideas? Is there a way to stop this behavior? Help?