Can't people recognize an obvious troll anymore?

Come ON.

Dynastic coudn’t be more obvious if he had glass eyes and blue hair. Stop feeding him.

Meh. I’m forced to wait for other things. It’s fun.

And FTR I don’t think it is a troll, I think it’s real. Sad, but real.

Yes, Dynastic is coming across as just little too dumb to be a troll.

That’s just so dumb at so many levels that I don’t think a real troll would come up with it.

I just thought he was a drunk retard

No. Not on this board anyways.

I honestly think it is real too. I can write in lots of different styles but I don’t think I could pull that one off even as a performance act. Don’t underestimate the range and mentality of people out there who make arguments like that regardless of the issue at hand. There really are people who are truly that stupid and somehow they go through life barely even realizing it and are shocked when people try to call them on it. The web as a whole is filled with them. It is hardly a miracle that one of them could get high in front of their computer, bonk their face down on the keyboard, accidentally end up here and start hunting and pecking their way through their deepest thoughts.

That post just makes me more sure. The repeated misspelling of “racist,” the blatantly dumb insistence that black people can’t be racists. This is a parody of what the troll thinks black, liberal Obama fans think like. My guess is that his assumption was that all the board liberals would jump in to defend him. It doesn’t sound sincere to me. It sounds like somebody snickering and trying to push buttons.

is it really stupidity only? his last post was something about going back to school. So yes, stupidity is an issue, but the other issue is that this person is not mature enough to understand the point of a “debate”.

Not to hijack but the threads I’ve read from Curtis LeMay blow me away too. although to be fair, he does use decent language skills and is actually able to use some logic in his argument.

A Dynastic quote:

“Look at the guy who says I won’t call you a rascist and then he calls me a rascist. I am not rascist because Im not WHITE.”

Hell, I dunno. A shitload of nonwhite people actually use that exact arguement. Probably even some here.

Naw, when someone uses it here, they’re generally white :slight_smile:


Not a “shitload,” no, and those who do usually couch it with a lot of nuance and explanation.

I think the one innocent possibility is that he’s a young kid – like an 11 year old – but I just am not buying this as a serious adult.

When Shodan is a voice of calm and reason …

You know profiling is racist dont you ? :slight_smile:

He could have been a troll. But gonzo (probably) isn’t a troll, and he’s pretty stupid. Personally, my first reaction isn’t to call someone a troll or even think they are trolling…I go with ‘stupid’ as my default setting when reading new posters drivel.

I admit though that reading through the thread, the guy SEEMED to be trolling. And stupid too of course. I liked the one part where he said something to the effect of ‘How can a black person be racist?!?!’. As if black people aren’t human or something.



Dynasty didn’t strike me as a troll at all. Like I said in the other (now locked) thread, she is young, giddy with her first big political crush, and not real bright.

I wish the “anyone who opposes Obama is a racist” line was unheard of among the Obamaniacs, but it isn’t.

I imagine she has been slapped down hard enough to be gone, but maybe she has a hide as thick as her head.


I usually default to “stupid” too, but Dynastic just wasn’t ringing true to me. He seems consciously, caculatingly stupid, not sincerely clueless.

Too stupid to be a troll. Trolls usually have two or three working brain cells. The stupid in that thread was painful, but a lot of people seem to have fun with it.

I’m not going to pit the guy. Either he’s a kid or an adult with a mental disability. Like autism probably.

You really never heard that argument before? It isn’t all that rare.

The idea is that one can only be racist if one holds power in a society. Black folks don’t have any power, therefore they can’t be racist.