Can't post to a thread

In this Pit thread:

I get an error message from the Board when I hit ‘Post New Reply.’ The Forum Jump doesn’t work either. My browser says it’s ‘done with errors on the page.’



Just checked the thread, didn’t have any problems.

Some momentary aberration? I dunno.

Please let us know if you see this again.

your humble TubaDiva

I just posted there as a test and it worked.

Same thing happened to me. For some reason it seems to work if you click on the link, then highlight the URL in your browser window (let me guess, IE 5.0) and press enter. I’ve been seeing a few of these “done, but with errors” messages around, and then the links aren’t working right. Looks like a problem for the techs or those vBulletin people.

I’ll pass this on to the guys at vB.

Hey, this could be another chance to annoy the software creator! To get some of our other things fixed, every time somebody found a way to mess with us on the board, I went over to vB and pulled it on John Percival. I’m surprised he didn’t send somebody over to my house to punch me in the nose. But it did get fixed.

your humble TubaDiva

Hey, nobody, and I mean NOBODY, punches our TubaDiva in the nose.

'Diva, if they ever give you grief, let me know… I’ll get some of my boys over there and let them have it.

“Still won’t talk, eh? Let’s see if Rudy and his wiffle bat can change your mind!”

Um, Tuba, is that allowed over there? I mean, if someone here were to clone or spoof (no relation to Spoofe) or whatever, just to “show that it can be done”, wouldn’t we get very upset and probably ban that person?

When I signed on as “John Percival,” I freely admitted who I really was and said “this is just to show you what we’re dealing with here.” I also said that they had the right to ban me from their board and if they did, well, I deserved it.

The real John Percival was very surprised. But understanding. He took my problems under advisement – and he swiftly removed all traces of these encounters from the board.

I would not normally recommend this to anybody and I have no excuse for my actions except to say that I was NOT getting answers from those folks and they were not addressing our legitimate concerns. Desperate times, desperate acts. It was what it took to get vB’s attention; nothing works like having it become YOUR problem, I guess.
your humble TubaDiva

I get a message I haven’t seen before trying to reply to Let’s put something in the water!. Tells me "no thread specified, despite the fact that “new reply with thread#” comes up.


Now (of course) I was able to post in that thread. After posting though I got a “done with errors” message and the forum jump didn’t work.


I’ll send this over to Jerry the Tech God. No promises that he’ll do anything besides read it maybe, but let’s see.

your humble TubaDiva