OK, TubaDiva, with one request.

My first reaction was that I really don’t have time, and don’t come to the site much any more.

I don’t see any reason to close it. Just let it carry on as before, sinking for a while and being boosted when some new text or link trick was discovered. It’s not just me that adds to it, after all.

But now I have a second proposal. And it might appeal to Louie as well.

Rather than another thread, would you allow me and/or Louie re-work the generic vB page for the vB codes?

That way, the information wouldn’t get lost all the time.

I don’t do HTML, but I’ve clicked on View Source for the page and it seems the parts I would be changing are fairly repetative, so I could just cut and paste into them, much like what we all have to do to make links in our posts.
I’m sure that there are several posters here who would volunteer to help if I ran aground.

And what’s the worst that could happen? I can’t do it and we’re exactly where we are today. No loss for you, just my time.

What do you think?

Sure, put something together and I’ll run it by the powers that be, okay?

Sorry if you feel like we’re dissing any of you here, it’s just that we get so busy with day to day site business that sometimes we don’t get as far down the “honey, do” list as the Teeming Millions would like. It ain’t the least bit personal, just a matter of priorities.

your humble TubaDiva

:confused: Strange. I don’t remember saying I was “hurt” by this. Hell, I perfer the board without the HTML codes.

Which thread was this statement quoted from?

And ShowBiz, knock yourself out and do the page. I’m too busy to even get a chance to be online, let alone read the boards.