Can't send email from Outlook via my Yahoo address

This is really annoying. Every time I want to reply to an email, I have to go to Yahoo and send it from the website, as opposed to just using my Outlook. This has been going on ever since we switched to ATT U-verse about a month ago.

I have checked my POP and STMP settings, and they are correct. I have also checked my port numbers and they are correct. When I try to send a test message, the error I get says “The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider.” I even checked the server timeouts setting, and set it to “long (10 minutes).”

Any suggestions, or is it just time to call?

I have ATT DSL. They started requiring SSL a couple years ago. It’s a major pain in the butt. They’ve blocked port 25 so the email won’t work without it.

Older versions of Outlook didn’t support ssl. I had to install two patches to get mine working.

I read the directions on Yahoo for configuring your POP and SMTP settings. My bet is that ATT prohibits SMTP access to a server that is not an ATT server. This happened to me with Verizon. They do this to prevent spam from being sent from their customer base using other services’ SMTP servers. )Many SMTP servers don’t require authentication to send outgoing mail.)

The usual workaround to this is to connect on a different port number. Many services offer an alternative SMTP port for this reason.

A visit to Yahoo’s instructions on configuring these settingswould have explained it.

Got it! Thanks guys!