Can't talk about legal marijuana?

My thread about growing *legal *marijuana was deleted. We’ve had similar threads about, for example, making *illegal *alcohol which are open.

There’s an intellectual disconnect at play, not suitable for a board which clams to be Fighting Ignorance.

I’ll abide by this mod’s ruling, but it’s the wrong ruling for the wrong reason. I urge you all to think about a new policy.

Well, you got a good Thread Title/Username going for you at least!

Write your congressman and ask what they can do to get the ball rolling on making it legal at a federal level. Until that happens, it’s still a crime to do it.

You might be in Colorado, but others are not. The board is based in Illinois, and they have taken the view that things that are legal in the US as a whole are okay. And so it goes.

I agree, great combo. I was surprised that your thread was nuked and not just closed.

Has worked this way the entire time the board has been in existence. Pot isn’t legal. Wish it was, but it isn’t.

Can’t discuss or ‘encourage’ illegal activities.

Hence, thread closed/nuked every single time.

In fact, the Powers that Be have historically taken an even harder line on marijuana than on other illegal substances in their moderation, since the name of this site unfortunately gives some the impression that we’re all about pot, and they want to quash that.

From the Registration Agreement:

Marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, and that’s what matters in this case. You can talk about drug use, but you can’t give tips or obtaining drugs or growing and handling them, for example. That’s pretty much what the thread was.

Indeed; for instance, posts discussing or even encouraging the purchase of pharmaceuticals from pharmacies outside the US have been permitted to stand, even though such activity is illegal in the US (albeit seemingly rarely enforced).

In Baltimore, It is illegal to take a lion to the movies.
I promise to never discuss lions here at the Dope.

So wait, if there is a thread about a movie I don’t like, all I have to do is mention that I took my pet lion to see it in Baltimore and thread closed?


I don’t know the full breakdown of Colorado’s “legal” marijuana referendum. But if it’s anything like the one we passed here in WA, then it’s still not legal to grow marijuana on your own unless you’re a state-licensed producer.

Crikey, I went to a “dumb laws in Maryland” page to see how we could abuse this and the first one listed: Oral sex can not be given or received anywhere.

That’ll knock out a LOT of threads. If you’re talking about doing it while in Maryland.

No. This is about encouraging illegal activity, not making reference to breaking a law. And it’s about federal law, not local laws.

Pssttttt…the feds have announced, in CA, that they will not enforce and regulation against the use or possession of marijuana as it related to the compassionate use statute. They must not be too threatened by that evil weed.

Not enforcing the law doesn’t mean the law ceases to exist.

Any such law would not be constitutional (as applied to consenting adults in private) since Lawrence v. Texas.

Right. The law on the federal government’s books has not changed. Sorry. This isn’t about my/our personal opinions, it’s about a policy intended to prevent trouble for the board. And none of the above applies to the OP since he’s not in California.

I think the policy works the other way. You can’t discuss an activity that’s illegal at the federal level even if there’s no local law against it. But you can discuss an activity that might be illegal in some localities as long as it isn’t illegal nationwide.

Not even in the mouth?

Especially not there.