Can't wait for January...

For once in my life I find myself looking forward to winter. New England winter, at that.

Here’s why- all of my time these days is spent either on homework or on grad school applications, with occasional study and sanity breaks (episodes of CSI are good for that, as is dressing in drag and dancing all night).

The Saturday after Thanksgiving I am going to lock myself in a room and not emerge until everything is done.

And then I will mail them.

And then I will be finally, finally free.

Or at least not having to work on writing letters about how I’m a good linguist, really, and worth accepting into a program. Close enough.

January, baby. It’s gonna be a party.

My birthday’s in January.

I think you and I need to go babe-watching this winter. Yes, we do.

My birthday’s in January, too.
Let’s all party!!!

Elvis’s birthday, January 8th.

Uhh huh huh, yeahya, I’m all shook up.

Thank you, thank you very much.


I can’t wait for January either. I’ve got that month off. I leave uni in December and go back in Febuary.

Eonwe, first we must go to the NYC Dopefest and dance all night. And not worry about me getting my queer ass carded… it’s good to be 21.

And then later we shall have a Burlington dopefest. It’ll rock the sheep, or something like that.

Did I tell you where I’m ending up applying? UNM, U of Oregon, Berkley, Santa Barbara, and U of Colorado.