"Can't you read the sign?"

So does it make you wonder if anyone is reading your protest sign? Did it make you wonder if you are wasting your time?

Or am I the only one who made that connection?

Stupid signs: There’s a sign on a road nearby that says “Hills Block View Next 4 Miles.” My comment each time I pass it is that the hills pretty much block the view everywhere, not just here.

On topic, oblivious people. I used to work for Sears in the Cashier department. When entering our area, the first thing one would see was a giant sign reading “Gift Wrap”. People walked past this sign to come to our counter and ask “Where is the gift wrapping department?” One of my co-workers would often reply “right back there by the giant huge enormous red Gift Wrap sign.” No one ever called him on being rude; I don’t think they even heard what he said.

At my store, we have two entrances: grocery and general merchandise. For security and staffing reasons, we close the GM doors at 10, lock the doors, turn out the lights in the vestibule, and hang a giant plastic banner outside the doors that stretches about 15 feet across that directs customers to the other side. In addition, after 10 pm, it’s pretty much obvious which side is open: all the cars in the lot are parked in front of grocery, and people are streaming in and out.

I go outside with coworkers for their 15 minute smoke breaks. And at least 5 times each break, we watch a car cut across the parking lot, park in the part with no other cars, walk up the lot, detour around the giant banner to the dark vestibule, then attempt to tug open all four sets of non-responsive automatic doors. Sometimes we catch them, yelling “you have to come in over here!,” but usually they ignore us.

Still not as bad as when our store was on fire. We had a store quickly filling with smoke, couldn’t locate the source, and began evacuating. Smoke billowing out the front doors. And customers would just push past us to go into the smoke… “I’m just getting a few things.” “There are no cashiers, we’re evacuating.” “No cashiers? But it’s a big store, the fire isn’t everywhere!”

A few times a year people will come into my store and say “Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the airport?”. I’ll just point across the street and say (trying not to laugh) “um, it’s right there”. Seriously, it’s across the street. I mean, a few people are just looking for how to get into the airport and some people made a horrible wrong turn on a freeway interchange and are trying to get to O’Hare in Chicago and not Mitchell in MKE, but, honestly, here’s the view from where I work. It’s not a great picture, but it’s a giant field with a bunch of runways and planes flying overhead. If you can’t find the airport it means you were trying to follow someone’s directions and never actually opened your eyes and looked out the windows. Once you find it, if you really don’t know the area, all you have to do is follow the fence line until you find the sign that says “arrivals” or “departures” and pull in. It’s not that big. I can drive all the way around it in less than 10 minutes.

So, there’s a sign on the door, but they want to be sure.
'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings.

A shop close to me has moved three buildings up the street. They have a sign to say so and an arrow indicating which way you should go. People flounce down the steps and head off in the opposite direction. I was having lunch at the place opposite so it was entertainment for me. Luckily for the shop keeper some dude was outside painting a building on the street, I counted four sets of people asking him for the store in the half hour I was there, including a woman whose child was pulling her and telling her ‘Mum - it’s THIS way’.

That’s only they’re looking for the stairway.

My favorite sign is one I saw while driving around in a small town: “Fire Station Left.”

I did something like that at the sportsmens shows and got the shock of my life. I had these small boxes of five fishing flies each already matched up and made a big sign
Show Special
$2.79 a box or
3 for $10

I was always amazed how many folks handed me a ten-spot, took three boxes, and never said a word.

This last weekend I was sitting in a pub near the doors. The entire front of the pub is glass so you can see everyone walking up to the doors. It has 2 side-by-side doors. The one on the left is always locked and has a sign saying ‘please use other door’. The left door has a big sign saying ‘PUSH’. I’d say that more than half the people pulled the left door, then tried pushing it, then pulled the right door before getting in. One woman yanked on the left door for a while, ignored the right door, then walked around the side of the building to try a completely different door that is never used. She gave up and left even though she could see people inside.

I notice this occasionally at grocery stores with some items where there is a smaller unit and a larger unit. People assume they’re getting a better deal with the larger unit, but they’re not if you do the math.

Working at Blockbuster Video taught me that approximately 25% of humanity is unable to summon the cognitive fortitude to rent a video without screwing up somewhere. I am amazed every day that the trains keep running and the buildings don’t collapse.

Oh, but don’t you miss helping people count to 3 over and over? (Yes, tonight counts. So does tomorrow night. And the night after that. Then it’s due. Thankyouhaveaniceday.)

So, your point is that no one reads signs. This, altho a over-generalization- is surprisingly true.

Then, you regularly spend time at the corner, holding your protest sign. :smack::dubious:

Ironically enough, my sign actually gets noticed. I frequently have people read, then stop to have a chat with me about my cause.

But then again, it’s pretty hard to not notice my message. It’s not something easily missed.

Either way, I started this thread for a bit of light-hearted fun, not to get insulted. Go easy on the new guy starting his first real thread.

What are you protesting and do you do this for a living? Or is it a hobby?

No, you are not the only one.

Don’t give me that, you snotty-faced heap of parrot droppings!

I live in the DC area and have been surprised in the past week when I discuss the smoke incident on the Yellow Line with friends, how many of them not only did not know how to evacuate a Metro car in a tunnel, but how many were not even aware that there were posters in every car explaining precisely this. The conversation would usually go like this:

Me: I don’t get the freaking out about the third rail. The evacuation posters say to get out of the car on the side of the tunnel with the lights and that will keep you away from the third rail. If that’s not accurate, why is it even on the poster?
Person: They have posters about that?

Uh, yeah? I’ve lived here my whole life and those posters have been there as far back as I can remember. How can people have never read them? They’re right near the system maps and it’s not like there’s much else to look at in a subway car!

No insult meant but trust me, if you think that’s a insult…stay out of the PIT.