Caprica: 1.05, "There Is Another Sky" (open spoilers)

It looks like tonight’s episode is goint to revolve around the Tamara-avatar and more the the holoband world.

She is “The One”.

I like Tamara. She’s going to turn to be a very strange and fucked up being. More so than Zoe. At least Zoe had flesh-Zoe feeding her personal memories and synaptic paterns. Tamara didn’t get that. She’s not going to be the same girl who died on the train. There’s only so much Daniel could do with social networking data, medical scans, and data mining. Not to mention not being as familier with the technology as Zoe was.

Daniel sowing the seeds of humanity’s destruction was interesting. And a smiling Zoe going along with everything to please “Daddy”. I think this is heading to both Zoe and Tamara being the “Mother of the Cylon Race”. Zoe’s monotheism combined with Tamara’s anger and rage.

The Tauron funeral was interesting. The way they cut from Sam & Joseph talking about Willie being a man on Tauron and Joseph not following Tauron custom to the party I thought we were seeing some kind of Tauron manhood ceremony. The way Joseph has going on about not doing it I was afraid it would end in a ritual circumcision (like a bizarre combination of Bris and Bar Mitzvah). Though all of this stuff about getting Willie to embrace his Tauron heritage seems to be for nought since we saw no sign of it when he grew up. :wink: He’s going to end up more Capricanized than his father.

BTW was anyone else expecting Tamara’s new friend to turn out to be a quadriplegic or similier in the real world?

I voted “Liked it” this week.

Daniel and the Board of Directors sealed the fate of the Colonies with the vote taken in this episode, but they won’t live long enough to realize what they’ve done.

We’ve seen at least two virtual-only life forms-Zoe and Tamara. Wonder if there are others?

Small detail that I liked–Daniel’s face still bears the marks from Sam’s assault, but is healing. The makeup work is subtle, but well done.

Continuity question–is Earth-1 radioactive now, and the Final Five already enroute to Caprica? Do we know how long it took them to make that trip?

Liked it.

So are they planning extended storyline in the virtual world? It was far more fascinating than the “real” world segment.

I thought so as well. I thought I saw flowers next to him when he removed his head-band, which made me think I was right and he is in the hospital.

In the deleted scenes from the pilot Sr Willow meets Ben Stark’s avatar in Club-V after the bombing. We haven’t seen any reference to that yet so it mit be an abandoned storyline.

Small detail that I liked–Daniel’s face still bears the marks from Sam’s assault, but is healing. The makeup work is subtle, but well done.

Yes, the [del]Final[/del] First Five didn’t have FTL so it took them over a thousand years to reach the colonies. Based on the established timeline they’d less than 20 light years away by now.

So the Temple of the Five already exists as well then. Where does Kobal fit in the timeline?

Kobol was ancient past. When whatever went down on Kobol went down, its people left to found the Twelve Colonies and Earth.

During the Tauran ceremony, it looked like Adama Sr. was being tattoo’d, in remembrance, probably. Then it cut to afterwards; was Will Adama tattooed as well?

I don’t think so…which would make sense, as he was never shown to have tats in BSG that I remember…

Ah ok, I was wondering. I hadn’t noticed any either, but if it was a grief thing, you’d think the boy would have some as well. Thankees :slight_smile:

Best episode of the series so far. I note that it was directed by Michael Nankin, who also directed some of the better episodes of BSG lke “Scar” and “The Passage”. He’s also directing the next two episodes of Caprica, according to the IMDB, so I think we’re going to have quite the ride ahead of us.

It’s a shame this show is going on one of Scify’s “extended” Hiatus and won’t return until…Fall or so?

What do we have? 4 episodes more?

Not yet, but Daniel knows how it’s done now.

I thought the priest did make a mark on Willie’s hand, even if only Yusif got the chest tat.

I am liking the New Jack City / Unstoppable Assassin Tamara storyline.

I voted “loved it.” Agree that it was the best episode of the series so far.

  1. Tamara is on her way to become a leader of cylon resistance. I loved the final shot, of her walking down the streets of “Caprica” with a gun, as if she owned the place. I’m inferring a bit of foreshadowing there.

  2. Loved the look on Zoe’s face when Daniel told her to rip her arm off. We all know where this is headed, but it’s interesting to find out that the human-cylon relationship was frakked up from the very start.

  3. Loved the way little Willie Adama is becoming a badass. When he beat up that older kid, you could see the fighter he will become. You can see both the influence of his Dad and his Uncle.

Im enjoying this show now pretty much more than anything else currently on. If they can keep up the quality of last night’s episode, I think they might really have something here.

Liked it. Really quite a rich set of premises.

In a broad sense, but he told Adama that when he tried to download Zoey into the Cylon that he lost her facebook to avatar program (and so couldn’t make a new Tamara).

We know from BSG that eventually the Cylons get made and are all sentient. But it’s not clear how that’s going to happen. Right now Graystone only has one working Cylon, which depends on a stolen microchip and the super-avatar of his dead daughter. Where is he going to get more stolen microchips and avatars of real people to fill up the rest of his Cylons?

I don’t think he is going to get/need more avatars of real people. I think the key to functional Cylons is improving the AI in the microchip. Implanting Zoe’s personality into it was more of a lucky accident that he doesn’t know actually happened at this point.

I loved it. I was afraid that Tamara would become lost in the story line, but now she is the badass queen bitch of V-world.

Seems like Josiph has kinda lost control of his kids to Samuel, huh?

He’s going on confidence in his mad skillz. He knows it can be done, and he’s sure he’s smart enough to figure out how. The rest is salesmanship.

But it ain’t gonna come down like that. The only functioning Cylon is the Zoebot, and she’s trying to get to Geminon for some reason Zoe didn’t quite explain, or even understand. But, lo and behold, that’s where Virgus, the only supply of sentience chips, is located. Zoebot is going to get there, either with another toaster body or knowing Virgus has to make their own, and convince them to get into the Cylon business themselves (they have motivation to get back at Greystone). Plus, Zoebot knows how to download avatars from V-World and create new ones, and you know the rest.